How to Tell Your Partner You've Found THE Engagement Ring

We get it. You know what setting, color, and cut you like, but does your partner? If not, you’re not alone! At Consider Bridal, we specialize in more than wedding bands and engagement rings - we pride ourselves on understanding the bridal jewelry process and that includes helping your partner choose a ring that’s right for you. 
Here is our advice for how to drop hints or direct your partner to pick out the perfect engagement ring:

1. Schedule an Engagement Ring Consultation Together
While some couples want the element of surprise, others want to enjoy the process together!  We have lots of couples schedule an engagement ring consultation and come in to our Nashville flagship together to pick out their dream ring or choose a setting or stone shape. Let us pour champagne, toast your love, and talk engagement rings. We can look through our entire selection of settings, get your ring size to ensure the perfect fit and guide you in incorporating any modifications or custom elements to your ring.  Schedule your engagement ring consultation here

2. Try On With a Close Friend

Looking to go the more traditional route and avoid browsing rings together?  Try on rings with a best friend or family member.  It’s a great way to narrow in on what you like and rule out what doesn’t suit you. Not only will you have a loved one to bounce ideas off of, they can also serve as a point person for your partner and drop hints on your behalf. 


3. Use Social Media
Our bridal Instagram and Pinterest pages are filled with different settings, stone shapes, and custom pieces.  See something you love? Slide into your significant other's DMs to send them your inspo. Write them a message with the product image pointing out the specifics of why you love the ring: “Marquise cut is my fave!” or “This thin and dainty band is so pretty“.  A little inspiration never hurt anyone!
4. Drop Hints in Conversation

Do you love your best friend's hidden halo? Or are you obsessed with Hailey Bieber’s oval diamond? Drop hints casually in conversation to give them an idea of what you are liking. Decide your non-negotiables like metal color or diamond cut. When they have specific directions - you are both set up for success. 


5. Just Say it!
Communication is key in a relationship - especially a marriage. Wedding planning will require specific and regular communication, so why not start the process off with a little honesty and avoid possible awkwardness or passive aggressive hints. They want you to love your ring and they will appreciate the gesture. Be mindful that this is a gift from your most special person and be sensitive to the fact that they might have some expectations for gifting this ring as much as you have expectations for receiving  it;) 


6. Trust Their Taste

At Consider, we have come to learn one thing - you will absolutely love whatever ring your partner chooses for you. We have had the honor of helping hundreds of couples at their engagement ring appointments over the years and we hear the same thing: “I’ll love whatever you pick out for me”. We’re here to tell you that this is very true.  It will perfectly represent you both as a couple and your love story. Trust your partner to know you and have confidence in their ability to make the right decisions. What a perfect sentiment to start a lifetime of love and happiness - with the ultimate show of trust and confidence. 

We look forward to seeing you at our flagship store in Nashville for an engagement ring consultation or to browse our alternative bridal selection. Not able to make it in, no problem. We design most of our engagement rings and custom, heirloom jewelry virtually - click here to find out how. 
As always, thank you for reading. Reach out with any questions on social or in the comments below.