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Based in Nashville, Tennessee, we at Consider the Wldflwrs are proud to offer fine jewelry and exceptional service to clients near and far. We specialize in designing and hand-crafting engagement rings, jewelry for everyday wear and custom pieces, and also perform jewelry restoration and repair. A warm and elegant shop in which clients can find or create something sentimental, we love helping clients share their story through meaningful jewelry that reveals the depths of their heart.


A different kind of jewelry store

Born out of a desire to create a jewelry store that could provide Nashvillians with meaningful pieces that walk the line between classic and non-traditional, Consider the Wldflwrs was established in 2013 to fill that gap.

We prioritize transparency, hospitality and customization above all else, making your jewelry shopping simultaneously straightforward and special. Flipping the traditional experience of shopping for jewelry on its head, our space feels welcoming yet luxurious and elevated yet casual. It's a place where clients new and old are always welcome; a place where they are treated like (and eventually become) friends. With a team that works first to understand each client's unique perspective, and then guides them towards a piece that fits their style and story, we at Consider the Wldflwrs treat every single interaction like an opportunity to help the wearer reveal their heart.

For 10 years, Consider the Wldflwrs has helped women and men alike choose jewelry that expresses their story and style. A trusted source for both classic and out-of-the-ordinary engagement and wedding rings, and a favored shop for those seeking elevated jewelry for everyday wear, our team has the unique ability to meet clients exactly where they are, guiding them towards a piece that they'll love for a lifetime.

"Consider how the wildflowers grow, for they do not labor or spin." Luke 12:27

Wildflowers grow and blossom instinctively; they require no seeds, fertilizer, or assistance outside of what's already present in nature. The same can be said for jewelry and the person who wears it.

At Consider the Wldflwrs, we believe jewelry serves as an outward expression of one's internal beauty.


Like a wildflower’s innate ability
to reveal its appeal to the world,
jewelry acts like a bloom for the
person who wears it, revealing
both the natural beauty and
significant story that lie within.

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