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Get Your Fine Jewelry Squeaky Clean

You wake up in the morning, throw on your comfy running shoes and go for a jog. You get home, shower, lotion up, and head out the door to the office, chauffeur your kids to school, hop into a meeting, scarf down some lunch, check on the flowers in your garden, cook for you or your family… etc. Your day could go a million different ways! And we know you’re busy whether your day is filled with the “new and exciting” or just your regular old routine.


That busy day is passing you by when you look down for just a moment to check your phone and catch a glimpse of your shimmering ring dancing in the sunlight. You smile to yourself as you think about what that piece of gold means to you and how it sparkles and shines brighter than the rest - even on the dullest of days. You care enough to keep it clean and it’s worth it for that moment of joy it brings you in the midst of a hectic day.


This little treasure is worth taking care of. It means something to you. You spotted it and it instantly reminded you of that place or that someone you always want to remember. It still does every time you look at it. Jewelry is made to be worn. None of that buried away in a jewelry box somewhere collecting dust. But these are precious metals and precious gems, so wear your jewels with care.


If you’re the type of person that wears their jewelry all day, we recommend taking a break once in a while. Keep a cute dish at your bedside table and leave your jewelry at home when swimming, sweating, rock climbing, lifting heavy things. You get the idea. Otherwise wear it often and wear it proud - but keep it clean!  Why buy fine jewelry if you can’t? Sit back and let us fill you in on the tips and tricks of keeping those rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets sparkling in order to make that “golden” impression you deserve.


How to clean an engagement ring -

You just said “yes” and now never want to take that ring off of your finger. But take it off you must if you want it to sparkle from across the room! We recommend cleaning a diamond ring by soaking it for a few minutes in a bowl filled with warm water and a little mild dish soap. Then grab a soft toothbrush and gently scrub under the prongs to get your ring nice and soapy. Pat it dry with a polishing cloth if you have one. If not, a paper towel will do just fine. Then slip that ring right back on your finger and let it shine! 


We asked our founder, Emily Eggebrecht, a few more questions about cleaning and here were her answers:


How often should I clean my engagement ring? -

Honestly, you can clean it as often as you want! The better practice is to take it off and put it back on so you aren’t creating build up under prongs or baskets. 


How often should you clean earrings? - 

We know that you love to wear your earrings to sleep. If you are still healing from a piercing you might keep your earrings in for 6 months or longer for the healing time. Once you are healed we recommend either having a piercer change out your existing threadless earrings for you or purchasing some standard studs with butterfly backs that you can regularly take out and clean once a week!


How to clean a sapphire ring -

Cleaning a sapphire will be the same practice as diamonds! If you’re wondering how to clean a ruby ring we would also recommend the same! Sapphire is a level 9 on the mohs hardness scale so it is very wearable and an incredible stone to set into your fine jewelry.


If you want to have your fine jewelry cleaned without having to splurge on a new toothbrush, bring it to our East Nashville flagship store and we are happy to clean it for you for free while you sip champagne and shop. We think that’s a great way to practice some self care. ;)