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Mark your special day with a selection from our variety of gold and diamond wedding bands. From pave to hammered gold, we have a wedding band that suits any taste or style. Don't settle for anything other than perfect, and make your wedding day shine even brighter!

Aster Cluster Band

From $1,025

Pepper Band

From $1,279

5mm Flat Band

From $936

6mm Flat Band

From $1,073

6mm Half-Round Band

From $1,056

4mm Flat Band

From $745

Emma White Diamond Chevron Band

From $1,175

7mm Half-Round Band

From $1,268

2mm Flat Band

From $430

Name Ring


3mm Flat Band

From $590

Flax Ring

From $1,296



Large Auk Band

From $2,202

7mm Flat Band

From $1,261

Curved Marquise Ring

From $1,200

Briar Ring

From $889

Sway Ring


Domino Marquise Band

From $2,742