How to Design Jewelry From a Distance: Engagement Rings and Custom Heirloom Pieces


At Consider the Wldflwrs, we design about 60% to 70% percent of our engagement rings site unseen. Long before the COVID-19 crisis (and long after), we continue to be well-equipped with the design tools, bridal experience, and jewelry expertise to realize your perfect ring. Virtual and custom design for brides is a Consider specialty and it’s a service we take the utmost care and love in providing. 

How do we do it? 

Our Instagram feed and Pinterest serve as a great source for inspiration. We feature a wide variety of combinations: ring pairings, earring and bracelet stacks, as well as custom and bridal jewelry. “Lots of bridal ring variations and options are showcased on our IG feed and it’s a great way for people to narrow down what they like,” explains CTWF Store Manager Zoë Glassman.

Our process often starts with a text, email, or DM. “Clients let us know what they like and we take a picture of the ring on our hand so they can see the design up close and personal,” says Zoë.

Next we talk diamonds - and that’s where the customization begins. We send the diamond “stats,” or 4 C’s, to the customer as well as the stone’s “birth certificate” or serial number. This number catalogs the features of each diamond and serves as both a record of the quality as well as peace of mind for our clients. This certificate is a  guarantee that each diamond is unique, of the highest quality, and ethically sourced following the “Kimberley Process” which guarantees they are conflict-free.

Finding the right clarity, cut, carat, and color are important, but that is just half of our process. We also send a photo and a 360 degree video of our diamonds. “The magnification video of the diamond is 10x so clients can get a sense of the quality via video better than in person,” explains Zoë. 

Sizing is easy and universal. We are happy to send you a complimentary ring sizer from our online store. Another option is to go to a local jewelry store and ask to get your finger sized.

Custom engagement rings is another process that we love to do both virtually or in-person. Clients are able to describe their dream ring design and we create a CAD (computer aided design) rendering of the ring. 

“You can literally design the ring of your dreams if we don’t already create it,” said Zoë.

A 3D rendering of the ring allows you to place prongs exactly as you want, add diamonds to the side of the band, incorporate family heirloom stones, and completely customize your piece. 

“One couple did an in-person meeting with a salt and pepper center stone with her mother's marquis diamonds as the side stones. When he proposed, she was sobbing. It was unique to her and special because her mom’s diamonds were incorporated,” recalled Zoë.

Naturally, as with any big decision, we also find ourselves in the role of jewelry designers and counselors. Many people coming to pick out the ring alone ask us: “Will they like this!?”

We have come to learn over hundreds of ring consultations and custom-design appointments that you are their best advocate. Our advice to partners that are ring shopping: Go with your gut because you know them better than anyone.

If you’ve selected a yellow gold solitaire with an oval diamond - they will adore it. The sentiment and love behind your choice is much more important than the details of the ring.

Second guessing yourself? We’ve found that most partners who think that they want a part in picking out their engagement ring will turn to their significant other halfway through the consultation and say: I wish I hadn’t come - I will love whatever you pick out for me.

When it comes to engagement rings, many trust their partners' judgement and taste often over their own. Just go for it! 

So, how will you tell your family story? Your love story? Let’s design together.