Shelby Answers: How to Buy A Diamond

To know her is to love her! Just read all of the 5-star reviews. Meet our very own Sales Manager Shelby, and get her expert advice on how to buy a diamond ring.


Should I buy a lab grown or earth mined diamond?

Each and every ring is an investment, and it’s truly how you view the ring as a timeless piece! We’re confident that if you’re looking for a diamond that will stand the test of time, and carry on as an heirloom, you can go either or.

Both lab and natural diamonds have the same molecular composition, and carbon arrangement, and will remain the strongest mineral on earth (even if it didn’t come from the earth itself!) Our bridal specialists are here to assist in finding the best choice for you and your budget.

What’s the most important of the 4 C’s?

The grading system is simply one indicator of the value of the diamond, as value is also determined by the wearer of the ring! We love to guide each and every one of our clients to the best quality grades, per their favorite diamond shape. The varying shapes, step cut vs brilliant cut, etc., can carry their color, clarity, and carat weight differently; our team will learn your preferences and advise what you should prioritize to achieve the look you’re going for. 

What carat weight is right for my finger?

The one that looks right to you! The overall design of the ring may impact your final decision. Solitaire? Three stone? Halo? These setting styles can contribute to the total carat weight of the ring and proportions. There’s no one size fits all - you’re too unique for that! Your aesthetic, lifestyle, and comfort are also important factors; trying on different sizes can help find the right balance for you.

What is an inclusion and how does it affect the value of a diamond?

An inclusion is a clarity characteristic that forms within the diamond while the diamond itself is forming. Carbon pockets, shifting, can all occur to give the diamond a birthmark. It can make it all the more unique, and while we can certainly source an eye-clean diamond with no visible inclusions, we also have clients that love the mystery and intrigue of a salt and pepper diamond. The value is always in how the diamond tells your story..

Why buy a diamond ring from Consider the Wldflwrs?

Here at Consider we help tell your story through the creation and customization of each ring. The intentionality and attention to detail in our designs is to ensure a piece that you can live-in and love wearing daily, and for years to come. It’s more than a ring; our team is here for you and your continued memories and milestones. We can’t wait to see you again and again and celebrate alongside you!