Life in Consider: Abbey Cone

Abbey Cone is a Nashville-based singer/songwriter whose journey in life and music embodies resilience. Much like diamonds and sapphires, our stories as humans involve a long, eruptive process with the end result being almost impossibly beautiful. Read more about Abbey’s journey as an artist, and how she overcame fear to ultimately find freedom in her creative adventure. Bonus: She also shares about her favorite pieces of jewelry, and how Vince Gill helped fulfill a childhood dream of hers!

Q: Can you share a specific moment or experience in your life that inspired you to start writing songs and performing? How did that moment shape your approach to being an artist?

A: i visited nashville for the first time when i was 12 and my mom took me to the grand ole opry. vince gill was performing that night and i was so blown away watching him. my goal then became to write good enough songs to get me to the opry! (spoiler alert: i did. and vince gill is the one who asked me to make my debut. life is wild.)

Q: Sapphires go through a high-pressure, eruptive process as they rise to the earth’s surface where they are then discovered and oftentimes set into fine jewelry. These gemstones are some of the most resilient objects on the planet. How has resilience played a part in your own life & career story?

A: i’ve made it in and out of my first record deal and am releasing music independently for the first time. it’s incredible rewarding when you learn how much you can do on your own and i’ve had an enormous amount of personal growth as a result.

Q: What is your favorite piece of jewelry and why is it so meaningful to you?

A: i have two inherited pieces that mean so much to me.

a solid gold shell shaped statement ring that belonged to my nana. she passed away in 2023 and my mom gave me the ring after she passed. i love it.

i also have a tennis bracelet that my dad gifted my mom in 1998. (the year i was born) my parents gave it to me for christmas a few years ago. it means so much to me and is gorgeous!!  

Q: What exciting plans do you have for your music in 2024?

A: i’m recording my first ever full length album this year! and have a few exciting collabs in the works :)))))


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