Where do the diamonds come from? 

Every diamond from Consider the Wldflwrs Eden engagement line is handpicked for you and comes with an authenticity report. We work closely with Nick Alhberg, industry professional for 12 years to work with the industries most trusted vendors and adhere to the highest ethics. We search the marketplace for the right stone and consider any and all specifications you ask for. Nick works out of San Diego, which is where your diamond is set.

What do I get when I buy a ring?

Every purchase from the Eden line comes with a certificate of authenticity and an appraisal for estimated retail replacement cost for your piece. We have a system in place to help set up our clients for insurance immediately to protect their new purchase. 

I need to have my ring serviced and I am no where near you. What do I do?

No problem! If you ever need to have your ring serviced we have the capability to send easy instructions and a complimentary shipping label in order for you to send your piece in overnight. Each ring will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and if a manufacturing defect has lead to an issue we will be more than happy to quickly repair and restore a piece back to new at no charge to the client.

Notes: Rings that suffer damage due to being what we call"well loved" may have a fee added for the work done to repair or refurbish any given piece. Consider the Wldflwrs is not responsible at any point in time for missing, chipped or abraded stones and does not cover the loss or severe damage that a piece could sustain. This includes all center stones in any ring or piece.

I have my own diamond, and just want your ring.

Contact us! Custom pieces like this need to be evaluated on a case-to-case basis.