We're Here to Help! Virtual Styling via Text, DM and Phone Calls

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Our Consider the Wldflwrs family wants to make sure you are safe, stylish, and in timeless jewelry so we came up with lots of ways you can shop our looks, see our stacked styles, and schedule phone appointments without leaving your home. We want to #flattenthecurve while also making sure that all your milestones are still celebrated. Finding a unique bridal or engagement ring, Mother’s Day or graduation gift doesn’t require you to come into our store - we can help you in six effective and social-distance-friendly ways: 


1. Online Shopping - As you browse our products online make sure to click on a product you love because within each individual product page we have styled each look to below the product description. Each photo, like our Petite Cluster Necklace and Small Herringbone Chain below, shows you how our jewelry can be stacked, styled, customized, and combined. 


Petite Cluster Necklace


2. We’re Sliding in Your DMs - your bridal party and wedding planners aren’t the only ones that want to talk about the wedding with you! We can text, direct message on Instagram, Facebook chat, or email you. Don’t be shy - ask us “What does the Large Water Lily look like with the Blossom Cuff Ring?” *see photo below* and we’ll send you a picture or a video of how that combination looks. Many customers send us pictures of their engagement ring (whether they bought it from Consider the Wldflwrs or not) and we pull one of our over 40 “conversation starters” with a similar look to their ring and then send them stacking ideas! Just like you are in the store.



3. Book a Call Appointment - We are now taking appointments via phone calls for any and all jewelry inquiries. We want to talk styling questions, help you pick the perfect graduation gift, or answer any question you have. Click here to book a call with our Schedulista online booking system. Not sure what you want? Let us walk you through this process at a comfortable pace. That is our differentiator. We’ll have a virtual champagne cheers and figure out just what you are looking for.


4. Engagement Ring Appointments - We can go as far into detail as talking through diamond options and the Four C’s: color, cut, clarity, and carat. With our in-house design possibilities we can talk you through options, timelines, and pricing. We also are proud to offer our services for the life of your jewelry and we can discuss all of the benefits of purchasing your unique engagement ring with Consider the Wldflwrs. So book your appointment here. Let’s pop the bubbly and pick the ring before he pops the question!


5. Use Our Wedding Band Hashtag System - For our customers that already own Consider the Wldflwrs engagement rings and are looking to do research on what stacks they might like for their wedding bands, use our Instagram hashtags. Simply search the name of your ring #stephaniectwf or #varshactwf and see all of the stacks that we have previously paired with that ring! Direct message for any more details on this or your ring’s hashtag.


6. Follow @considerbridal - for custom pieces and inspiration gathering we have many rings featured on our @considerbridal account, like the custom Iris engagement ring below or use the hashtag #customctwf.


We know that wedding planning, gift giving, and engagement ring choices can seem daunting, but our approach takes the pressure off. We want to help you get it just right and with our years of experience, open communication, and quality products - we do just that.


Don’t be shy, reach out and let us talk you through all the rings...and the emotions :)  


PS - Brides-to-be...we know you’re wedding planning in a stressful time. You can do this! We’re here for you.