• Our New Alternative Bridal Collection is Perfectly Simple

    November 03, 2022

    Our New Alternative Bridal Collection is Perfectly Simple

    Diamonds, whether dainty or fabulous, sparkle all the same. That's why we love our newest Earth-Mined Alternative Bridal Collection featuring earth-mined diamonds in some of our favorite solitaire and three stone engagement ring designs from our Signature Collection.  Our new Earth-Mined Alternative Bridal Collection includes thirteen ready-to-ship alternative bridal designs. The collection launches Thursday,...

  • Stacking and Layering Charms

    August 12, 2021

    Stacking and Layering Charms

    Back to school time is here and charms are in session! This week’s Journal, we are taking you to charm school and teaching you all about personalized layers and charms to level up your look. We love classic and heirloom jewelry that tells a story and our charms are designed...

  • Jewelry Layering Inspiration

    June 04, 2020

    Jewelry Layering Inspiration

    Want to know how to layer necklaces, earrings, and rings? We love to inspire sparkly and interesting jewelry layers and to combine textures, shapes, and color. Consider is here this week to show you a few of our favorite ways to layer and inspire you to create your own stack...