Stacking and Layering Charms

Back to school time is here and charms are in session! This week’s Journal, we are taking you to charm school and teaching you all about personalized layers and charms to level up your look. We love classic and heirloom jewelry that tells a story and our charms are designed to do just that. 

Whether you’re starting a tradition or celebrating a milestone - these charms are the perfect way to commemorate and create a layered look.

Here is a breakdown of our charm stacking syllabus: Any charm can be added to any bracelet or necklace to create a completely unique look to tell your love story. And while we love the look of one single charm on any CTWF chain, we wanted to give you some stacking and layered inspiration this week. Here are five different ways to stack and layer charms and chain combinations. Click on the product titles for more details:


Large Round Heritage with the Small Pavé Round on the 1mm Cable Chain


The Large Round Heritage charm is the family tree of charms, a perfect addition to any chain, necklace or bracelet. Personalize by adding engraving or a 1.5mm stone of your choice. Add additional stones to the pendant or add a graphic engraving, logo, or fingerprint and wear your story. Layering the Large Round Heritage charm with the Small Pavé Round charm, fully encrusted in diamonds, will add major sparkle to the 1mm Cable Chain. This dainty chain (sold separately) is perfect for layering and complemented by the golden charm duo.


Small Oval Heritage, Small Pavé Heart and Dog Tag on the Gather Chain Bracelet

Add engraving or a stone to the Small Oval Heritage and pair her with the Small Pavé Heart, fully encrusted in diamonds, to add a little sparkle to your story. We are loving this combination with the completely customizable Dog Tag charm on the 3.5mm thick Rolo Gather Chain Bracelet. This look is the modern-day charm bracelet and adds weight and texture to your wrist stack. Not to mention, we’re loving the collected and eclectic look.


Small Pavé Oval and Small Heart Heritage on 1mm Cable Chain

This combination features the sparkle of the Small Pavé Oval charm and the heart of gold (literally) of the Small Heart Heritage charm. Add the initials of your loved one, a monogram, or a stone and wear this tory close to your heart. We’ve paired her with a Consider favorite: Our 1mm Cable Chain to anchor this layered charm necklace look.


Pavé Dog Tag and Rectangle Heritage on the Gather Chain

Pair our Pavé Dog Tag charm, that features a halo of white diamonds, for some subtle sparkle with the modern Rectangle Heritage on the 3.5mm thick Gather Chain for an elegant and stylish stack. Add an engraving to the charms for a custom way to tell your story. The look is elegant with major weight and shine.


Small Round Heritage and Large Oval Heritage on the Tab Chain Bracelet

A Consider favorite is the 5mm solid gold chain Tab Bracelet. This bracelet is the epitome of timeless. Make a statement by adding charms to represent and remember each of life's most meaningful moments. A few of our picks are the Large Oval Heritage and the Small Round Heritage charm. Additional engraving or stones can be added to the charms to make them completely unique to you.

Before charms are fully in session this school year, be sure to take notes on the following: 

  • Charms are completely personalizable with engravings or gemstone add ons!
  • Any of our larger heritage charms have a larger bail and can slip over the clasp of a chain. This means that if you already have a chain or charm necklace these charms can be easily added on your own!  These charms include the Rectangle Heritage, Large Round Heritage, Large Oval Heritage, Large Heart Heritage, Dog Tag and Pavé Dog Tag
  • The rest of our smaller charms have smaller bails and can not be slipped onto any chain on their own. We are happy to add these charms onto a chain for you, or they can be attached to any CTWF chain when purchased together.

We hope this charm stacking 101 lesson has left you inspired. Follow us on IG @considerthewldflwrs and as always, reach out to us with any questions,