Straight and Arched Bands: New Engagement Rings

Finding the perfect engagement ring and wedding band is a process. But don’t stress - we are here to walk you through your options to create your dream ring and stack. 


This week’s Journal is all about our new engagement ring settings and how to create the perfect bridal set for your ring and to tell your love story. Today, we’re launching FOUR new engagement ring settings! These rings are tall, higher-set and created specifically with stacking in mind. With these new settings, your accompanying straight bands can now fit perfectly flush against your engagement ring.


Juniper Tall - A taller version of our classic Juniper setting. A brilliant cut oval center stone is flanked by two round brilliant white diamonds. She is a beautiful reminder that good things come in threes. We love this higher setting to fit stug with your favorite straight band. 


Orchard Tall - A taller version of our classic Orchard setting.The pear brilliant cut center stone is paired with two round brilliant stones on either side. We love that she’s a unique twist on a classic and can represent your past, present, and future love story. This tall setting is begging to be stacked and will turn heads for a lifetime.


Rosemary Tall - A taller version of our classic Rosemary setting. A  round diamond center stone with claw prongs and two round brilliant side stones. This tall and stunning setting means that stacking options are endless.


Sam -  This new setting is simple and elegant with a square, flat band. She is sharp and sleek with modern lines and a basket head with bead prongs. Sam showcases your diamond beautifully.


Remember, all of our engagement rings can be customized in 14k or 18k yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and platinum. Any size or shape of stone can be placed into any of our settings. 


While we love offering these new, tall settings for a snug and flush fit for classic straight bands, there’s nothing quite like the look of an arched band to highlight your center stone. The original Juniper, Orchard, and Rosemary lower engagement ring settings are still available and are perfect for pairing with arched bands like the Clover Band, Diamond Chase Band and Lace Ring. With over 30 arched bands available - we know that you will find the perfect ring to match your love story. 


There are no rules when it comes to your bridal stack. Straight bands still look stunning with lower settings and higher settings can be stacked with arched bands! It is all up to you. And if it’s hard to pick between the two wedding band styles - we say stack them both! Wedding bands, push presents and anniversaries are all reasons to layer on the sparkle. 

At Consider, we believe in quality heirloom jewelry to last a lifetime and beyond. All of our jewelry, engagement rings, wedding bands, arched or straight, are meant to do just that. Follow us on Instagram at @considerthewldflwrs and @considerbridal and message us if you would like to see specific stack combinations. Or you can always make an appointment to stop in our East Nashville store and try on as many combinations as you can dream up.