Postponed Weddings: Advice, Perspective, and Jewelry Solutions

With wedding’s postponed across the country, brides are dealing with a lot of uncertainty surrounding their big day. At Consider the Wldflwrs, we’ve been supporting brides and grooms in picking the perfect rings to tell their story - and we would be remiss if we didn’t offer up a little advice and encouragement to our favorite people. 


The wedding planning challenge hits close to home as two of our Consider the Wldflwrs team members are currently engaged and actively planning their weddings. Arden Leone, Operations Manager and Annie Redovian, Retail Store Sales Assistant have been riding the rollercoaster of wedding planning amongst the recent pandemic. Arden and Annie wanted to share a bit of advice, empathy, and lots of encouragement for our brides during this unprecedented time. 


For a Chicago wedding, Arden and fiancé Jack, are dealing with lots of out-of-town guests as well as ever-changing rules around guest numbers and safety regulations. Originally slated for an August 21, 2020 wedding, they made the tough decision to push their big day to October 9th, 2020. 


Keeping optimistic, she said “I was shocked at how smoothly I was able to move my date. Every vendor we chose is available on the new date and they were all so understanding. My family and friends have also been so supportive.” Their decision to postpone is a selfless one: They want guests to be comfortable and focused on enjoying themselves instead of concerned for their safety.


Pictured above: “I am absolutely obsessed with my engagement ring! Jack worked with Emily, CTWF owner, to create this ring without me ever knowing. I love that he decided to go with yellow gold-- it is just so timeless. And the hidden halo is such a beautiful, subtle detail,” said Arden.


With an outdoor wedding planned in Franklin, Tennessee, Annie and fiancé Carter are still crossing their fingers to maintain their original date of September 12th, 2020. “I’m worried social distancing will affect the reception and with all of the closures and delays I might have to find another dress,” Annie explains. “I’m learning to be patient and play everything by ear”.

Wedding planning is a test for any couple and this COVID-19 curveball is just one challenge of the many to come in a healthy marriage. “We're going through this together as a couple. We're leaning into each other, trusting each other, and making these difficult decisions together,” said Arden.


Annie adds “Marriage is about sacrifices” and lots of brides are having to make concessions.


To get through this planning struggle, both Annie and Arden are relying on friends and family for support.  Pinterest and a handy app called Unfold are also helpful to create vision boards with photos, ideas, and inspiration.  During this time, using these resources can be helpful to send images to florists or other vendors to continue the planning process or to keep as a virtual catalog.


With patience in mind, both brides offer up a good perspective on this planning nightmare:


“Take it day by day. Things are changing quickly. Ultimately you're doing this because you are in love. The wedding isn't the most important part of a marriage,” said Arden.


“You can take away the wedding but the love is what holds everything together.” adds Annie.


For our brides and grooms: Wherever you are in your wedding planning journey, just know that we understand. If you’re going to elope, enjoy a small ceremony with a reception later, or celebrate in a myriad of other wedding options - it’s your story. Consider is here to support and celebrate you along the way. 


Deciding to elope and can’t wait 4-6 weeks for your wedding bands? Our storefront offers a wide selection of pre-made rings ready to go home with you. Resizing is also available on many of these styles to ensure a perfect fit. We also have a full selection of “ready-to-ship” wedding bands on our website that ship out next business day. And, as always, if you have the time, we can custom-design anything you can dream up. 


CTWF also offers quick turnaround ring engraving in case you are moving your wedding date. If you decide to have a smaller ceremony sooner and a larger celebration down the road, we can even engrave two dates on your wedding bands as a reminder that you can get through tough things - together. Or, turn this into a positive and add another ring to your stack. Just remember: Someday this will make a great story. How will you tell it?


Pictured above: The Domino Marquise Band “This band compliments my engagement ring so well - my marquise center stone is still the main event. I just fell in love with it,” said Annie.