How To Find Your Perfect Ring SIze

Finding the perfect ring is also about that perfect fit. Whether you are local to Nashville or out of state, we have a solution to finding your perfect ring size. 


In our East Nashville store, we offer true sizing kits so that we can help guide you in finding the perfect fit, sparkle and stack. In store sizing is preferred as your finger shape and knuckles, as well as the band width, are important factors in determining size. If you already have a ring that fits comfortably, bring it into our store and we are happy to size that for you. All of our rings are available in quarter sizes to ensure the most accurate and comfortable fit.


Swooning over something on our website but not local to Nashville and not sure of your size?  We recommend popping into a local jeweler to get professionally sized. Even if you are only thinking about buying a pinky ring - why not get all of your fingers sized? Just in case. ;) If you can’t get to a jewelry store, no worries, we are happy to send you our Complimentary Ring Sizer. You cover the shipping costs and we send you a free, easy-to-use ring sizer. This sizer will measure your finger to the nearest half or full size - simple.


It’s so important your jewelry is properly sized. Please don’t guess! Horror stories of rings slipping down the kitchen sink, sinking to the bottom of the ocean or being so tight that they won’t come off are all too real. While lots of factors affect your fingers: salty meals, water intake, pregnancy, hand shape and much more - we always recommend being sized by a professional and avoiding any of the aforementioned extremes if possible. 

Also notable with ring size is that in the winter our fingers tend to slim with the colder weather and in the summer our fingers tend to swell. Finding a ring that fits just right will help keep you comfortable in all seasons. 



Full eternity bands feature diamonds, gemstones or a pattern that encircle the entire circumference of the band. Full eternity means major sparkle and that your ring always looks good from every angle. Eternity bands are not able to be resized. Half eternity bands feature diamonds on half of the ring and are usually able to be resized slightly. The choice is yours when it comes to eternity or half eternity - it is all about preference, practicality and what looks best with your wedding stack.

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