From Nashville Flea Market Finds to Wedding Bands: The Story of Emily Eggebrecht and Consider the Wldflwrs

Jan 25, 2020by Renee Beauchamp

Trained by YouTube, inspired by a coworking space, and fueled by persistence and the Nashville creative community -- this is the story of how Emily Eggebrecht, owner of Consider the Wldflwrs, turned a jewelry hobby into a successful business.

“I started in the music industry but quickly realized that Nashville had an exciting and emerging fashion scene,” said Eggebrecht of her 2010 move to Nashville.

Her love of jewelry design started at the Nashville Flea Market. Eggebrecht would alter her finds into fashion pieces and her designs captured the attention of friends and family. 

“I thought: Maybe I can really do this,” remembered Eggebrecht.

Using YouTube, she taught herself to solder and became a frequent at her local Home Depot, quizzing employees about welding torches and techniques. In July 2013, Eggebrecht launched her first jewelry collection - out of her bedroom. 

In an effort to find more space and likeminded designers, she moved her business to a co-working space in Nashville called Fort Houston. (pictured above)

“We were a hodgepodge of determined young entrepreneurs and crafts people. I remember a lot of dust from the woodworking and a lot of learning how to manage my time well,” recalls Eggebrecht.

As business evolved, so did her taste in jewelry. Eggebrecht moved away from fashion pieces and found herself wanting to push the envelope as a minimalist brand.


Pivoting from statement pieces to wedding bands and engagement rings has proven to be her talent and true passion. Milestone jewelry has been the 'sweet spot' for Consider the Wldflwrs and continues to be where Eggebrecht finds joy in design and quality craftsmanship. 


“Statement jewelry is fun but I like making things that people can wear every day as a part of their wardrobe. I want to make people more confident in themselves,” said Eggebrecht.

With that mantra in mind, she chose the Consider the Wldflwrs name from a Bible verse which teaches to focus on each day as it comes. 

“It gives me faith and trust to do things I've never done, to not worry. It gives me the freedom to take risks instead of making decisions out of fear,” said Eggebrecht.

Since 2013, Consider the Wldflwrs has bootstrapped every aspect of the business. Their first employee processed orders and orally transcribed emails as Eggebrecht’s hands were busy crafting jewelry. 

“Owning a business is a constant, it never plateaus. The romanticized view of business ownership is financial freedom or the ability to be your own boss but it's a lot of valleys and peaks,” noted Eggebrecht. 

“But it’s also about providing people with something that will be a part of their life forever. Our jewelry is part of life’s milestone moments and that brings us so much joy”. 

Consider the Wldflwrs has changed locations seven times in the last seven years (second studio pictured below) but Eggebrecht has found a permanent and happy home in East Nashville. 

“Every part of our line is made in-house in our studio. Customers are shopping and they can hear the hammering of a ring. I love that East Nashville embodies and understands our relaxed and unique approach to quality jewelry,” said Eggebrecht. 

Her casual approach is to serve champagne to customers and provide a stress-free and comfortable way to select timeless pieces. Also, by serving as a local repair and restoration shop “We get to meet so many of our wonderful neighbors!” said Eggebrecht.

She has also stayed close to her Nashville Fort Houston roots as she is still connected with fellow artisans from her humble beginnings including Morgan Williamson from Handmade Studio, whom she shared a studio space with, and Ethan Summers from Oil and Lumber who has since built shelves for the Consider the Wldflwrs flagship store on Woodland Street. 

“It’s important to me to remain a part of the growing Nashville jewelry community here, said Eggebrecht. She has hired two jewelers who received their training at the New Approach School for jewelers in Thompson's Station, Tennessee.


Reflecting on her journey, Eggebrecht reminisced: “If I could go back to 2013, I would just tell myself: Be patient. It’s worth it.”

And what makes all the hard work worth it? 

“To hear women in our store say things like: ‘I’m buying myself this ring to commemorate completing my Master’s Degree.’ That is what being a designer is all about: Celebrating life’s magical moments.”


  • Priscilla January 26, 2020 at 1:15 pm

    Hi! I won two necklaces through an Instagram contest about 7 years ago. I hold those necklaces dear (still wear them to this day) because of the unique design they brought into my life. I felt like those necklaces were made for me, and they helped me embrace my unique style. Thank you for being so faithful, and fruitful. I can’t wait to pass these down to my future daughter with hopes that she could find who she is, and embrace it!

  • Molly Rene January 26, 2020 at 10:32 am

    I love this so much! It’s been incredibly inspiring to see how you’ve grown not only as a business owner but as a person as well. You’ve definitely found your calling and you are doing it phenomenally.

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