2021 Jewelry Trends


We are so excited to ring in the new year with you! 2020 is behind us and 2021 will be about catching up on missed celebrations, traveling and connecting with our loved ones. We’re ready to go big and bold with you this year.


Goodbye pajamas and hello to all the dress up catch up. Of course, this includes lots of sparkle, necklace layers, ear stacks, ring stacks and bracelets. Last year was survival… this year: Permission to go BIG!


Here are our favorite jewelry trends for 2021. Click on product titles for information, options and stacking inspiration.



This year is about being unabashedly you. We say bring on the color! Gemstones are a great way to incorporate a bit of vivid color in your everyday look. Our gemstone favorites are the Birthstone Stackers and Sapphire Bands, available in green, blue, peach, lemon, dark pink and dusty pink.  These colorful bands are the perfect way to make a statement, connect to your story or add a pop to your ring stack. Also, look out for our new Flower Stud with 6 Petals coming soon! These beautiful earrings feature white diamonds and colorful birthstone options. Nothing makes for a more vibrant 2021 than emeralds, rubies, and sapphires!



After lots of postponed weddings, brides, it’s finally your turn and jewelry trends for 2021 are big and bold. With longer time to plan the big day, beautiful day-of bridal jewelry is well-deserved and a great way to commemorate the special moment. We see lots of tennis bracelets, tennis necklaces and diamond studs on the horizon. Some of our favorite day-of bridal pieces are the Diamond Tennis Necklace and Diamond Sprinkle Studs Large… simple yet bold and a classic go-to for all of our 2021 brides.



Our favorite party clothes have had a long enough break. This year you’ll be seeing lots of textured chain necklaces and statement pieces. We see the “neckmess” trend of 2019/2020 continuing and people adding to their collections. Some of our favorite large chain necklace options include our Medium Herringbone Chain, Tab Chain and Classic Link Necklace



Signet rings are truly timeless but you’re going to see a lot more of these this year - we promise. They are the perfect, wearable blend of personal, beautiful and vintage. Our Classic Namesake is the perfect way to start your signet story and the oval shape begs for arched band layers like our angular Sparrow band. While engraving is special, so are beautiful, round white diamonds! Our pavé capped Sparkle Namesake is a CTWF favorite. There are a thousand beautiful ways to make this look your own - how will you wear your story?



Get creative with repurposing the old or creating a custom piece. Consider knows how to turn your family heirloom into a wearable and chic token of love. We’ve been designing bridal stacks and heirloom pieces virtually long before Covid. Read more about our 3D rendering and virtual design service process. For the many moments in 2020 that were celebrated in private - we know that commemorative jewelry and meaningful pieces has taken on a whole new meaning and we’re here for it. ;)


Whatever you do this year, don’t hold back. Tell your love story, wear your truth and be boldly you. Thank you for being a part of our community and supporting us through the years. From all of us at Consider the Wldflwrs… Happy New Year and cheers to 2021!