Why To Buy Fine Earrings

Investing in quality jewelry, especially earrings, is a gift that will last a lifetime and beyond. Our everyday wearable pieces ensure that you can enjoy your purchase on a daily basis.

In this post, we will discuss the breakdown of a stud earring, the importance of buying fine earrings, and introduce the earrings we love to style together. These earrings are available in ear stack packs, which offer a discounted price compared to buying each earring individually!

To break down a stud earring, it consists of two parts - the diamond or decorative front and the ear post. All studs come with a butterfly back to securely fasten the earring. Our earrings are all created in 14-karat solid gold, ensuring that your ears are not irritated.

It is important to buy fine earrings to prevent irritation, and solid gold earrings will also age well over time and can be passed down through generations.

We have three Ear Stack Packs that will instantly elevate your earring collection and make styling a breeze! Each earring in these packs is made with solid 14k yellow gold and is the perfect way to start your ear stack or expand your fine jewelry collection. We love an asymmetrical ear stack, and the options with this pack are endless and versatile for any combination of piercings.


Marquise Diamond Stud Earring

Marquise Diamond Ear Stack Pack

The Marquise Diamond Ear Stack Pack is great for those with a classic style. It features the following earrings:

  1. Marquise Diamond Bezel Stud Earring: This earring is a unique take on the classic diamond stud.
  2. Seed Stud Earring: This gold stud has been a best seller for years and for good reason! This solid gold stud earring has limitless styling potential.
  3. Micro Diamond Stud Earring: This stud works well with every look and offers shine while maintaining a subtle look.


Petite Cluster Ear Stack Pack

The Petite Cluster Ear Stack Pack is made up of four of our best-selling designs. It features the following earrings:

  1. Petite Stick Stud Earring: This simple bar stud earring is anything but plain.
  2. Hammered Disc Stud Earring: This textured gold stud adds dimension to your stack.
  3. Seed Stud Earring: We told you this stud is essential.
  4. Petite Cluster Stud Earring: This stud is the highlight of this pack. It showcases our best-selling design with offset marquise and round diamonds.


Heart Ear Stack Pack

The Heart Ear Stack Pack is a set you’re sure to love. It features the following earrings:

  1. Briar Bar Stud Earring: A simple stud that makes a big impact.
  2. Heart Stud Earring: Dainty and delicate, this earring looks great when styled with the set, but it also makes a great stand-alone stud.
  3. Micro Diamond Stud Earring: The Micro Diamond Stud pairs well with the golden Briar Bar Stud and Heart Stud. It's an essential addition to this stack.


Regardless of the number of piercings or their placement, the key is to create a collected and asymmetrical ear stack. Don't be afraid to mix shapes, incorporate a touch of sparkle, mix metals, add texture, and more. You can't go wrong. Choose quality pieces that you love and let your earrings express your personal style.


Classic Gold Stud Earrings

Other great classic earrings to invest in include the Pavé Bar Stud, Round Bezel Diamond Stud Earrings, and 12mm Huggies. These earrings offer a variation in shape and style, and they are timeless classics that will enhance your collection.


When we buy things we love, not only does it bring us joy, but it also shows that we acknowledge our worthiness to surround ourselves with beautiful things. We want to remind you that you deserve all the sparkle.


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