Why To Buy Fine Earrings

Investing in quality jewelry, especially earrings, is a gift you can give yourself that will last a lifetime and beyond. Our everyday, wearable pieces mean you will enjoy your purchase daily. In this post, we’re chatting through a breakdown of a stud earring, the importance of why to buy fine earrings, and an exciting new product - the Ear Stack Starter Pack. 


To break down a stud earring, it consists of two parts - the diamond or decorative front and the ear post. All studs also come with a butterfly back to safely secure the earring. We also offer threadless, flatback options depending on the location of your piercing. All of our earrings are created in 14 karat solid gold so you never have to worry about irritating your ears. Not only is it important to buy fine earrings to prevent irritation, but sold gold earrings will also wear better over time and can be passed down for generations.


Our *new* Ear Stack Starter Pack is made with solid 14k yellow gold and the perfect way to jump start your ear stack or earring collection. We are loving an asymmetrical ear stack and the options with this pack are endless and versatile for any combination of piercings. 

The following four studs are included in the starter pack:

  1. Stick Stud - a great little bar stud that is simple and offers a unique shape
  2. 6 Petal Flower Stud in Citrine - we just love how she adds a subtle pop of color and major sparkle with the six white diamond petals surrounding a lovely yellow citrine gemstone
  3. Tiny Dot Stud - perfectly classic and round, this stud is the hint of gold needed for any ear stack.
  4. 2mm Diamond Prong Stud - because every beautiful ear stack requires simple and timeless sparkle


If you need more piercings to accomodate all of these beauties - we can help with that too. Make a Consider Luxury Piercing appointment at our East Nashville storefront. We are happy to pierce you with earrings from the pack or help you find the perfect combination of earrings to create your ultimate ear stack. Most of our studs are sold as singles so that you can create a beautiful ear stack. 


Regardless of your number of piercings or placement - it’s all about that collected and asymmetrical ear stack look. Don’t be afraid to mix shapes, incorporate a touch of sparkle, mix metal, add milgrain texture and more. You really just can't go wrong. Pick quality pieces you love and express yourself. 


Other great ear stacks and studs we are loving are the Pavé Bar Stud, Seed Stud and Medium Milgrain Bezel Stud. We adore this pairing because the diamond bar stud, when paired with round pieces, offers a variation in shape that gives off an on-trend, collected vibe.

When we buy things we love, not only does it bring us joy, but it means that we acknowledge our worthiness to surround ourselves with beautiful things. We’re here to remind you that you are worthy of all the sparkle. 

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