When to Take Off Your Engagement Ring

When to take off your engagement ring is one of the most frequently asked questions we get at Consider the Wldflwrs. Because we are your go-to for all things fine jewelry, we wanted to answer this common question in detail. 


In the following seven scenarios, make sure that you ALWAYS take your rings off and store them in a safe place… which is nowhere near a sink drain. ;)  


While these are our recommendations for your engagement ring and wedding band, these rules apply to all jewelry!


In no particular order, remove your jewelry while...


    1. SWIMMING: Swimming pools, the beach and the ocean are not jewelry friendly. Fingers often shrink in water and can cause your rings to slip off. Also, most chemicals, like chlorine, can corrode or distort metal.


    1. WORKING OUT: Any type of workout - the gym, yoga, rock climbing, heavy lifting, backpacking, cycling… anything that puts excess pressure on the hand can bend and damage your rings over time or can cause serious injury to your finger!


    1. IN THE KITCHEN: When you are baking or cooking, common ingredients such as oil or flour can get underneath your diamond. To keep your ring looking flawless, reserve a special ring dish in your kitchen and put your rings there before you cook.


    1. USING BEAUTY PRODUCTS: Applying lotions, perfume, hair product, sunscreen or makeup can dull the sparkle of your fine jewelry! Over time, harsh chemicals have an effect on metal and we strongly recommend avoiding these products while wearing your rings. 


    1. SHOWERING: Oily soaps will dull the finish of your ring, exfoliating soaps will scratch it and you don’t want to risk the ring slipping off and falling down the drain! 


    1. WASHING DISHES: Similar to the shower, your hands get wet and soapy while you wash dishes which could cause your ring to slide off. You’ll also avoid getting soap scum or food lodged under your stones.


    1. GOING TO SLEEP: Don’t wear your rings to bed! Fingers tend to swell overnight and the prongs can get caught on your sheets or blankets.


    We take great pride in the craftsmanship of our fine jewelry that will go on to shine as heirlooms for generations. We know your ring stack can continue to look just like it did the day they popped the question if you follow these simple recommendations. 


    This sparkly treasure is precious and worth taking care of, which is why we include a little, ceramic ring dish as a safe place to store your rings whenever you are not wearing them. This dish is included with every engagement ring purchase. 


    The botanical blue ring dish can serve as your “something blue” and is handmade, pressed with fresh greenery and painted by local Nashville ceramicist, Becca Jane Koehler. Set it in a safe place to make removing your jewelry a part of your daily routine. We recommend it in your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. 


    If you’ve been committing a jewelry faux pas, no worries. Bring your rings, or any other fine jewelry, into our East Nashville flagship store and, whether you bought it from Consider or not, we will clean and inspect it for you for free while you shop.

    As always, thank you for entrusting us with your most precious love stories. We hope to share some bubbly with you soon. Remember, 2020 still has some love yet to give so don’t count it over quite yet. ;)