Wedding Bands We're Loving

Whether you are a bride-to-be ready to find your dream wedding ring, or you are looking for a commemorative ring to add to your bridal stack, we've rounded up the wedding bands we're currently obsessed with.

Our list of wedding bands we're loving includes something for everyone. We've got traditional bands for the classic bride and eclectic bands you won't find anywhere else for brides looking for something more unique. And don't worry—we've got everything in between too!

We've also selected engagement ring settings that pair effortlessly with each of these wedding bands in case you're in the market for both!


Chevron Band


chevron band

Your center stone should always be the center of attention, and the Chevron Band makes it easy to keep it that way. With a band of shimmering pavé diamonds and a geometric arch, the Chevron Band practically crowns your center stone! This ring makes the perfect wedding band, yet it is so versatile that it can enhance the beauty of any ring stack. 

The Chevron Band fits our Emily Engagement Ring Setting like a glove. Our new Emily Engagement Ring Setting is our founder, Emily's, own engagement ring setting, and it has a sophisticated shine, a hidden halo, and a split shank design that traces the shape of the Chevron Band beautifully.  

Also pictured: Longspur Engagement Ring


Arched Petite Domino Marquise Band


arched petite domino marquise band

The Arched Petite Domino Marquise Band makes room for that rock, yet it's a showstopper itself! If you want a band that adds more shine to your ring stack, slanted marquise diamonds form a slight arch providing the perfect domino effect of sparkle in this glamorous wedding band.

While the Arched Petite Domino Marquise Band can truly be paired with any engagement ring, our Eugenia Engagement Ring exudes timeless elegance and with its solid band, it balances the mega-shine of the marquise band elegantly. 

Also pictured: Geranium Engagement Ring


Chase Band


chase band

For any bride who simply loves the look of a simple gold wedding band, our Chase Band is just that with a bit of curve to showcase a large center stone or a low-basket design. A perfect first addition to your bridal stack, the Chase Band is substantial, yet simple and pairs well with anything. 

We say, let your personality shine with your engagement ring, and let the Chase Band accent it beautifully. With that in mind, the Varsha Engagement Ring offers maximum brilliance with a stunning three stone design. 

Also pictured: Julie Engagement Ring and Valencia Engagement Ring


Gray Diamond Twinkle Band


gray diamond twinkle band

Gray diamonds add a romantic and moody shine to your wedding band. Our Gray Diamond Twinkle Band will bring texture and depth to your bridal stack, giving you an edgier look. The Gray Diamond Twinkle Band can be created in three different size diamonds to give you just the sparkle you're looking for. 

We also have a Black Diamond Twinkle Band if that's more your style—or better yet, wear them together!

For a really cool look, we love pairing the Gray Diamond Twinkle Band with our alternative bridal Esra Black Diamond Ring. But as this diamond band really twinkles, we also love it with our Parlor Palm Engagement Ring for something more timeless. 


Diamond Claw Cuff Ring


diamond claw cuff ring

While the Diamond Claw Cuff Ring makes a stylish wedding band, it's perfect for adding to your bridal stack when celebrating an anniversary or special occasion. This oh-so-very stackable ring is dainty with an open center and lined approximately 3/4 of the way with pavé diamonds. 

Perfect for any of our Signature Engagement Ring Settings, but we have to say sparkle on sparkle looks flawless, especially when paired with our Cassie Engagement Ring. Though our Ada Engagement Ring is tapered toward the center stone, which makes it the ideal pair for the Diamond Claw Cuff Ring.

Also pictured: Roxanna Engagement Ring


Water Lily Diamond Ring


water lily diamond ring

To create a feminine look that showcases your center stone, go with the Water Lily Diamond Ring. With a burst of gold and diamond flecks to surround your main ring, this beautiful band resembles a water lily, giving a natural and meaningful touch to your bridal stack. 

The Water Lily Diamond Ring can no doubt stand on its own, but its arched shape gives room for a modern and simple ring like our Talia Engagement Ring. However if you want to lean into all the floral feels, pair the Water Lily Diamond Ring with our Camellia Champagne Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring from our alternative bridal collection to add a subtle pop of color in the center. 

Also pictured: Primrose Engagement Ring and Laurel Engagement Ring

Wedding bands can tell your love story. We hope these favorites of ours will inspire you to create a bridal stack that reflects your true personality and that of your relationship.