Trending: Our Favorite Baguette Diamond Styles

Since the start of the 20th century, baguette diamonds have been a popular choice for side or accent stones. However, today the baguette diamond is taking center stage as a modern choice for everyday fine jewelry. 

We've heard our customers rave about baguette diamonds whether in a three-stone engagement ring or as an accent in a wedding band, so naturally we had to ask ourselves, what else can we do with baguette diamonds? 

Enter our newest collection: The Baguette Collection! With huggies, studs, bracelets, bangles, and necklaces, our new collection features this step-cut diamond in a variety of styles. 

Looking for ways to bring more sparkle into your everyday look? Let the baguette diamond be the center of attention with these new, elegant and effortless styles. 


Diamond Baguette Huggie Earring


Huggies continue to be one of our most popular earring styles, so why not make yours stand out with a bit more sparkle?! With 0.23 carats, our eye-catching Diamond Baguette Huggie Earrings will instantly elevate your look while maintaining casual elegance.


Diamond Baguette Stud Earring


For something simple yet sophisticated, you'll love the Diamond Baguette Stud Earrings. These 0.15-carat earrings are modern and versatile. Wear them solo or in an ear stack for added shine. 


Diamond Baguette Bracelet


Make your overall look stand out with our elegantly understated Diamond Baguette Bracelet. Don't underestimate the simplicity of this delicate 0.03-carat diamond bracelet, as it brings just the right of romance and beauty to your wrist without overdoing it. While you can layer this bracelet with other styles, this one shines fine on its own!


Diamond Baguette Bangle


Got an eye for something more bold? The Diamond Baguette Bangle is the missing piece to your everyday wrist stack. Thick and heavy on the metal, we love how this statement piece showcases 0.16 carats of evenly spaced baguette diamonds. 


Diamond Baguette Cluster Necklace


For anyone who loves geometric shapes and edgier styles, our Diamond Baguette Cluster Necklace features these step-cut diamonds in a fun and new way. This 0.25-carat necklace is a conversation starter and can be worn with other layers of necklaces without being overshadowed. 


Diamond Baguette Necklace 


Our Diamond Baguette Necklace is the perfect heirloom piece that fits your everyday look just as well as it does your finest evening dress. This truly special 0.34-carat necklace is classy and timeless and a must-have for your fine jewelry collection. 

Get started with something simple like the Diamond Baguette Stud Earring or the Diamond Baguette Bracelet—both are easy pieces to wear every single day that will instantly add more brilliance! Or up the romance just in time for Valentine's Day with the Diamond Baguette Necklace. Whichever piece you choose, you can't go wrong with this elegant new Baguette Collection