The Ultimate Guide to Blue Sapphires

If you or someone you love is a September baby or if you love a pop of blue to your jewelry stack, this Journal is for you! Today is all about our stone of choice for September birthstones… sapphires! We love sapphires because they have a celestial blue color that has been said to attract divine favor and wise judgment. While sapphires are traditionally blue, they can come in a wide variety of colors, pinks, greens, oranges, and so on, but none is more prominent than the deep blue sapphire. This gemstone symbolizes wisdom, virtue, good fortune, and holiness for royals. Whether you’re looking for something new, something blue, or a brilliant hue to represent a significant moment, we have got you covered! Keep reading for all of our favorite brilliant blue sapphire pieces.


Small Hammered Cross Heritage Charm

Did you know that our Small Hammered Cross Heritage Charm can be customized? Not only can you add an engraving, but you can also add a gemstone to the bail. Add a blue sapphire to make it uniquely yours or gift it to a loved one for a present with significant meaning. Love the Small Hammered Cross Heritage Charm, but want something with a little more weight? Take a look and fall in love with our Large Hammered Cross Heritage Charm!

Sapphire Harmony Ring

The Sapphire Harmony Ring shines bright with three blue princess-cut sapphires. With a trail of diamonds on each side, this ring is the perfect touch of color to adorn any finger. Pair it with your bridal stack for a pop of color or wear it solo as a special reminder.

Birthstone Necklace

A gorgeous solid gold sapphire necklace featuring a single, bezel-set deep blue sapphire. Wear it alone for an understated look or layer it with your other favorite chains for a delicate addition to your layered look. No matter how you choose to style it, this necklace will serve as a precious reminder of the story of your life.


Birthstone Stud Earring

Add a sprinkle of meaningful color to your ear stack with these round brilliant sapphire earrings. Blue sapphires are set into a 3 prong solid gold martini setting. These graceful studs will help you keep the love of those you care about close forever after! Looking for a look with a little more edge? The Birthstone and Seed Chain Earring or the Double Birthstone Chain Earring will be the perfect fit for you!

Birthstone Stacker

If sapphire rings are more of your style, one of our Birthstone Stacker rings will be the piece for you! Choose our bare gold Birthstone Stacker for an understated look or go with our Pavé Birthstone Stacker or Seed Birthstone Stacker for a textured style. 

Sapphire YS Ring

Can’t get enough of blue sapphire rings? The Sapphire YS Ring is beautiful, romantic, and striking.  A lucid bezel set sapphire flanked by equilibrium diamond setting, with a touch of milgrain to add texture to your stack.


Shop all of the sapphire pieces we have here, and if you’ve been dreaming of a sapphire piece that you just can’t find, let us know! We would love to hear more about what you have in mind and tell you more about our custom jewelry process. Your jewelry is more than just an accessory. Mark your meaningful moment with a piece of jewelry that you will treasure forever.