The Namesake Collection: Vintage-Inspired Signet Rings to Commemorate Life’s Special Moments

This season of hardship and uncertainty has taught us that the little things in life are, in fact, the big things. We’ve been reminded of our love for family and the need to celebrate and appreciate life’s special moments. For these reasons, CTWF is proud to launch the Namesake Collection, featuring heirloom-quality and customizable signet rings designed to celebrate and commemorate your special story.

2020 has asked a lot of us. We’ve been called to be brave, selfless, strong, resilient, patient, courageous, and creative. Our new collection was designed and influenced by those sentiments. Each of the signet rings in this collection is vintage-inspired and handcrafted. We know that these customized beauties will be passed on for generations so we’ve taken the utmost care in curating these classic looks. Introducing...the Namesake Collection:

The Classic Namesake - beauty comes in all forms - the simple flashing of gold is timeless and understated. The Classic Namesake can be customized with a letter, number or graphic and is offered in 14k yellow gold, white gold and rose gold.

The Trace Namesake - the shape of this signet ring is vintage inspired with a tracing of pavé diamonds. Personalize the Trace Namesake with a letter, number or graphic - it’s your story to tell. Offered in 14k yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. 

The Spark Namesake - this pavé capped signet ring speaks for itself.  With exquisite sparkle the Spark Namesake brings modern simplicity to a vintage inspired look. Offered in 14k yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. 

We were inspired by the charm and timelessness of vintage jewelry. The classic shape and luxury of a bygone era is a reminder that everything makes a resurgence - if we can remain patient. We wanted to pay homage to a classic epoch - in an epic way.  

While all of these pieces are made to be stunners on their own, we just wouldn’t be Consider if we didn’t offer up some ring stack suggestions. A few of our favorites that play well with this collection are the Clover Band, Chase Band and Simple Wave White Diamond Ring. These shapes nestle nicely and add a layer of interest and sparkle to your stack and story.

CTWF specializes in wedding jewelry, but the Namesake Collection is for anyone and everyone. Here are a few ideas for inspiring and commemorating using our new signet ring collection: 

  • Honor someone you love by wearing their initials 
  • Celebrate a graduate with a personalized present
  • Gift that special someone a unique engraved ring that they will treasure for a lifetime
  • Remember a special birthday or date with a sparkly surprise
  • Treat yourself. You’ve survived, loved, lost, Zoomed incessantly, mothered, or supported and you’re worth it.

Our friends and family are experiencing loss, change, and cancellation and lots of people are experiencing a sense of helplessness. The Namesake Collection was designed to let our loved ones know that we are thinking of them and honoring their love and accomplishments, despite the distance. A bit of control amongst the chaos. 

We hope that these rings will inspire you to stay encouraged and to see the beauty in life. We are stronger than our fears and brave enough to defeat the obstacles standing in our way. With inner strength and courage, we press onward, crafting a story of hope and resilience. While we can’t make sense of the world around us right now, we can spread love and sparkle. 

To keep you encouraged and remind you of your inner strength - we've created these beautiful wallpapers for your tablet and phone. Download these free backgrounds and let them serve as a daily reminder of your resilience. 


Click HERE for the tablet background and HERE for the free phone wallpaper.

Laugh a little harder, love a little stronger and press on toward bravery.

As always, thank you for reading and sharing your story with us. If the Consider the Wldflwrs family can help you in any way - we are here.