The Inspiration Behind Our New Alternative Bridal Collection

Every love story is unique and we think that’s something to celebrate. While you can never go wrong with a design from our Signature Collection of engagement rings, we would be lying if we said that we don’t hold a special place in our hearts for our Alternative Bridal Collection. Transforming tradition, these beauties serve as a reminder of the beauty of an everlasting love. These pieces have one-of-a-kind stones with a story to tell and settings that were designed with each unique stone in mind. 


Our Production Manager, Kate, designed the new collection and we’re still obsessing over every little detail she put into the designs. We asked her to answer a few questions about the inspiration behind the designs, how the stones were sourced, and if she has any favorites. Whether you’re looking for an engagement ring or a special piece to add to your jewelry box, we feel certain you will fall in love with these designs as much as we have.


1. Can you tell us about some of the stones in the new collection?


The stones are a curated collection of sapphires, spinels, tourmalines, and diamonds. They were each hand selected for these one-of-a-kind designs. I was drawn to these stones because of the purple, pink and blue pastel hues along with unique and special cuts they have. The pink and black tourmaline was a challenge because of the depth and thickness of the stone. It definitely took some maneuvering from our bench jeweler to set it! Another one of my favorites was the purple spinel. I actually thought this was a sapphire when I first looked at it, but the spinel is almost like a ruby. It’s super hard which makes it durable for jewelry. The stone reflects so much light and makes the stone read different shades of purple depending on how the light is reflecting off of it. 


2. Can you tell us about the overall design approach for the collection?


When creating this collection I first thought about fluted patterns and signet rings because I’m personally drawn to designs like these. I really wanted to create a collection of rings that didn’t just look like engagement rings, but could also be worn as right hand or pinky rings. I first started with pulling the stones, and from there, I came up with each design based on the shape and size of the stone. So each ring is really special!


3. In your mind, what makes this collection so special?


I think this collection is so special because these aren’t the typical, delicate engagement rings you normally see. The rings remind me of heirloom pieces that your grandparents may have passed down to you but with some sass and flare. They have some weight to them and feel more like a statement piece that will last a lifetime. I love the thought of someone owning one of these and passing it down to their grandchild someday. I mean who doesn’t love a chunky statement ring from their grandparent?!


4. How do you source the stones for the alternative collection?


The stones for these rings all came from gemstone conventions. These are big events that are held a few times a year where vendors in the jewelry industry can go and purchase unique stones for customers and/or for custom projects. 


5. What was your favorite part of designing this collection?


My favorite part about designing this collection is seeing each design come to life. I really have to hand it to my team here at Consider. From the CAD, to the stone setting, to the polishing and finishing, to photography and marketing. It really took a team effort to complete each piece. Everyone here put a little blood sweat and tears into these designs and I’m really proud to be working for such a creative team!


6. Do you have a favorite piece?


Of course I do! My favorite design was the chubby signet with the purple oval spinel. This was the first design I came up with. It reminds me of a croissant ring my mom passed down to me when I was in high school. I really wanted to include a signet design in this collection that could be styled and worn in a variety of ways. To me this is the perfect ring that could be dressed down for the grocery store or paired with a baller, vintage watch at the Met Gala. I mean dream big, right?! But to be realistic, this ring will be styled on my mom for the rest of time because she purchased it. Kudos to her because I’m jealous I don’t have the chance of owning this ring for myself.


We know you are going to love every single one of these beautiful designs. Click here to shop the entire collection of new arrivals.