The Do's and Don'ts Of Wedding Band Shopping

Jan 13, 2022by Courtney Lay

Congratulations! You have found your perfect person, and now it’s time to pick the perfect wedding bands. You may be feeling overwhelmed with all of the wedding planning and you might not know where or when to start shopping for your wedding bands, but have no fear. We are here to walk you through every step of the process.


When thinking about marriage, engagement rings tend to take center stage, but wedding band shopping should not be overlooked. Wedding bands are a huge part of the look and feel of your wedding stack. Not to mention, they are a symbol of your eternal love for one another. From deciding on sizing, metal, engraving, and overall design, our team is here to share our do’s and don’ts to make your wedding band shopping experience a breeze.


Do: Consider how you want your wedding band to pair with your engagement ring. If it is important to you that your engagement ring be the main event, you want to choose a band that compliments your engagement ring so as to not compete with it. 


Don’t: Assume it has to be a perfect fit. You want your wedding band to fit physically (and we’ll get to that soon!), but don’t get hung up on how perfectly your engagement ring and wedding band fit together. If you have a low-profile engagement ring, you may want to consider getting an arched wedding ring so the two rings sit well together, but it is perfectly fine if you prefer the look of a straight across band with your engagement ring.


Do: Start shopping early! There’s so much to consider when choosing a band and the more time you give yourself to decide what looks and feels the best to you, the better. We suggest purchasing your ring at least 3 months in advance of your wedding date. Even better? Once you set the date, start shopping around! Even if you have an idea of what you’re looking for, you will be glad that you gave yourself plenty of time to consider all of the options.


Don’t: Guess your sizing. Our biggest tip? Make it a point to go into a local jeweler to get sized. Our fingers can fluctuate in size for a variety of reasons and you won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to try on several different sizes to find your best fit. The last thing you want is to get your ring before your wedding date only to realize that it doesn’t fit. If you aren’t able to get to a local jewelry store, we do offer free ring sizers so please do not skip this step!



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Do: Feel free to have fun and mix metals! Just because your engagement ring is one metal color does not mean you cannot add another metal color to your stack! We love and encourage a good mixed metal moment.


Don’t: Be afraid to go with a different style from your partner. Your partner may love white gold while you love yellow gold, and that’s okay! There is no rule that your wedding sets have to match each other. Your wedding bands should complement your unique personalities. If you still want the rings to feel connected, consider engraving a special message, each other’s initials, or the date of your wedding. 


Do: Think about in which order you want to wear your rings. We often get asked if the wedding band goes on the top or bottom of your engagement ring…Traditionally the wedding band is worn closest to your heart. However, there are no rules! If you like the way the wedding band pairs with your engagement ring on top best, wear it that way!


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Don’t: Limit yourself! If you can’t decide on a band, keep in mind you can always continue the stack. Loving two bands for the wedding day? Awesome. Want to wait for a milestone to add the next one? That’s awesome too.


We know it may seem like a lot, but if you give yourself time to consider all of your options, the perfect fit, and style, you are bound to love your wedding band stack.


Whether you are just looking for a band for you, wanting to shop our Men's Bands, or both, our stylists are here to help! You can schedule a Wedding Band Appointment with our team and we will walk you through every step of the process and design possibilities. Happy shopping!

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