Summer Jewelry: Essential Pieces and Care

School is out, and so is the sun! A long-awaited Summer is here, and we’re excited for travels, parties, weddings, family, fun, and friends. We’re showing you a few of our newest and most wearable pieces for Summer to kick off the season. 


For Summer jewelry essentials, we are loving:


The Pavé Mesa Signet is bold with the perfect pop of color. She’s available in white diamond, ruby, blue sapphire, yellow sapphire, or green tsavorite. Wear your birthstone, commemorate a loved one, or channel the qualities of a particular stone. Add color and sparkle to your stack with this Summer favorite.


For a classic look with a bit of texture, our go-to is the Double Seed Ring. She’s perfect for stacking and comes in 14k yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. 


Helium Hoops -- these babies came to play! The Helium Hoops are electroformed 14k yellow gold -- hollow but still super sturdy and light. They are the perfect statement earrings that go with everything. 


The Pearl Shoreline Necklace is a dainty string of pearls that beachy, Summer dreams are made of. Pair her with any gold chain for a collected and classic look that’s a bit unexpected. Pearls are said to have calming effects, and that’s precisely the sentiment to embrace this Summer.


The perfect chain for summer. The 3mm Curb Chain has mega shine and is available in 4 different lengths to achieve any layered look. Add a Heritage Charm to make it personal or wear her alone - the options are endless with this timeless classic. 


Sleek and modern, we love the Long Link Chain necklace. Available in four lengths, she’s the perfect necklace to add texture to your layered look. While this necklace is on-trend for Summer, it’s also a classic piece designed to last a lifetime.


Pair some dainty bands with the Helium Ring for a bold look. This ring is all about shape. Sparkly 14k yellow gold reflects light and the smooth rounded look is anything but ordinary. Make moves this Summer -- if not now, when?!


As Summer heats up, don’t forget a few helpful tips for caring for your jewelry if you want to keep your pieces sparkly and safe. Our most crucial Summer jewelry-care tips are:


  • Don’t wear your jewelry to the beach or in the pool! Fingers often shrink in water, and this can cause your rings to slip off. Also, most pool chemicals, natural or otherwise, can corrode or distort fine metals.

  • Sunscreen or lotion and jewelry do not mix! Remove your jewelry when slathering on creams, as it will dull the sparkle of your fine jewelry.

  • Don’t wear your jewelry when working out. The gym, yoga, rock climbing, heavy lifting, backpacking, or cycling are not a place for jewelry. Any activity that puts excess pressure on the hand can damage your jewelry.

  • If you’re traveling this Summer, make sure to utilize the hotel safe to store your jewelry. If you’re out and about, safely add your rings to a necklace chain if you want to conceal them or protect them while you’re applying sunscreen.

  • As always, we recommend making sure that your jewelry is insured through Jewelers Mutual or your renters/homeowners insurance, as this will cover loss or damages in most policies. 


We hope that you and your jewelry are safe and sparkly this Summer. How are you stacking and layering this season?  We’d love to know. Tag us @considerthewldflwrs.