Stacking Curved Wedding Bands with Engagement Rings

We recently released our long-awaited Chevron Band which got us thinking about the beauty and versatility of arched wedding bands and our favorite engagement ring pairings to go with them. When it comes to wedding band and engagement ring pairings, we consider ourselves experts! We have seen it (and can stack it!) all. Arched wedding bands are most often worn with low-profile engagement rings or bezel settings that sit low on the finger. We love curved wedding bands because they are ideal for lower settings or fancy-shaped engagement rings, and will hug and highlight your center stone.

Keep reading for a breakdown of our favorite engagement ring settings and arched wedding band pairings.


Longspur Engagement Ring + Chevron Band

The Longspur Engagement Ring is a classic that you’ll never forget! This setting is a statement-making three-stone engagement ring that is sure to turn heads.

The Chevron Band is one of our newest designs, but rest assured, this ring is destined to become a best seller! The Chevron Band features a geometric arch lined with pavé diamonds that will enhance the beauty of any stack. We love it paired with the Longspur Engagement Ring with a marquise diamond center stone.


Iris Engagement Ring + Sparrow Diamond Ring

Our Iris Engagement Ring is truly one-of-a-kind with an old-world twist on a modern halo. Six claw prongs and an organic, golden halo outline the center stone for a striking look. 

The Sparrow Diamond Ring is a geometric favorite! This golden arched band features three perfectly spaced white diamonds that add just enough shine without taking away from the main attraction. 

Paired together, the Iris Engagement Ring and the Sparrow Diamond Ring are the perfect combinations of unique and modern with a vintage flair. 


Raven Engagement Ring + Arched Alternating Auk Band

The Raven Engagement Ring is one of our most popular three-stone engagement ring settings and for good reason. This setting is stunning with claw prongs and petite, pear diamond side stones. We love a three-stone engagement ring setting for the romantic meaning. The three stones can represent your love’s past, present, and future.

An arched version of our best-selling Alternating Auk Diamond Band, the Arched Alternating Auk Band is both classic and modern. Diamonds of alternating sizes line the gold band to create a bold look with mega sparkle and create the perfect complement to the classic Raven Engagement Ring setting.


Geranium Engagement Ring + Arched Petite Domino Marquise Band

The Geranium Engagement Ring has understated elegance. The Geranium is a stunning low-profile setting with a polished split shank and a diamond hidden halo.

A diamond wedding ring with a twist! Arched Petite Domino Marquise Band looks great with every ring, but we especially love it paired with the Geranium Engagement Ring. The petite and dainty slanted marquise diamonds form a slight sparkling arch that forms a shining companion to the thick gold band of the Geranium Engagement Ring.


Valencia Engagement Ring + Chase Band

If you love the design of the Geranium Engagement Ring but want a little more sparkle, you will love the Valencia Engagement Ring! Pavé diamonds are sprinkled along the golden split shank for a shimmering effect.

A simple wedding ring with a golden arch. The Chase Band is an arched gold wedding band that is simple, yet substantial. The Chase Band provides the perfect balance to the shimmering shine of the Valencia Engagement Ring and the combination will have everyone talking! 

Whether you are a blushing bride-to-be or adding to your stack to commemorate a special occasion, we hope this guide has helped you find the ring you have been dreaming of! Want to see all of the wedding bands we have to offer? Shop our Wedding Band Collection online or book an appointment with one of our Bridal Experts to try on all of the rings we have to offer.