Salt and Pepper Diamonds

What is a salt and pepper diamond? What makes them so unique? How are they formed? How can you include this stone into your stack? We’re answering these questions and more about these salt and peppery beauties! 

Also known as galaxy diamonds for their grayish, galactic appearance, salt and pepper diamonds are on-trend and we are here for it. As an engagement stone, set in a charm, or worn as a twinkle band -- these diamonds are unique and edgy, just like you.


Are salt and pepper diamonds real? Yes! They are real diamonds, but they do not come with an official GIA report (Gemological Institute of America) and that is because the clarity of the diamond is low.

Wild, mysterious, modern, natural, and smokey are just a few adjectives that come to mind with salt and pepper diamonds. Some galaxy diamonds are speckled, completely solid gray, or deeply mercurial. Less light refracted through these stones makes for a depth that is beauty of another measure.


The inclusions, or clarity characteristics, in salt and pepper diamonds are what make them so unique and beautiful. This natural phenomenon makes each diamond one-of-a-kind because no two diamonds have the same birthmarks. Most of the time inclusions or irregularities are visible to a diamond grader under 10x magnification. Still, with larger inclusions consisting of black carbon, clouds, and crystals, the flaws are visible to the naked eye. When the inclusions in a diamond are so frequent that they are “clouding” the brilliance of the stone, not a lot of light is able to reflect back out of the stone. But don’t confuse low clarity with low quality.  These beauties are not in the same grading category as white diamonds, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t their own kind of gorgeous.

Basically, these stones are like our love stories: flawed, grown under pressure, and uniquely gorgeous.

At Consider, we source most of our salt and pepper center stone diamonds from Misfit Diamonds in Canada. While they only sell to designers, we love that each stone is unique and hand-picked by our jewelry designers.


If you’re keen to try out the natural beauty of a galaxy diamond, we are swooning over our Gray Diamond Pepper Band, Gray Diamond Twinkle Bands or our Pea Pod Rings with gray diamonds as a great way to add some smokey sparkle to your ring stack. 


Another favorite is adding a gray diamond to one of our Heritage Charms. Let it represent resilience, growth under pressure, or just as an added element of edge and sparkle to your neck or wrist charm. Engraving options include adding a letter, name, fingerprint, logo, or even an image to make this charm truly special.

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