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Mar 22, 2019by Emily Eggebrecht


We know how hard it can be to buy a ring online. There are so many factors to consider such as the width of the ring, the finger you are wearing the ring on and the type of ring. Another big factor can be the time of day that you get sized - did you know that fingers can fluctuate about a 1/2 size throughout the year depending on the weather and your diet? If you are buying a ring for the first time we would recommend sizing your finger at two different times during the day to get an average ring size - which is going to be the most comfortable for you.


While some of our rings are able to be resized, we would much rather you get the right size from the get-go to reduce the potential number of times the ring is sized. Eternity rings can never be resized and some of the settings we offer online are styles we would not recommend resizing due to the settings and prongs. Under the product details on every product page you can find specific information about the ring you are considering and whether it could be resized in the future. In order to avoid sizing needs altogether we would strongly recommend visiting your local jeweler to get an exact sizing measurement. We use true-size measurements which are universal in the United States and almost all of our rings are offered in quarter sizes. The biggest thing to consider when getting measured by a local jeweler is how wide the sizing ring is. Each of the rings we sell online has a specific width measurement under the product details. If you visit the local jeweler and they use a 3mm sizing ring to measure your finger but you are purchasing a stacker that is 1mm wide we would recommend getting a 1/4 size smaller in order to get the right fit. Similarly if you are trying on a 3mm sizing ring but the stack that you are creating is going to be 6mm wide - that will take up much more space on your finger so you need to size up 1/4-1/2 size depending on the width. If you are not able to visit a local jeweler to get your finger sized it is no problem. We would recommend ordering one of our complementary ring sizers and using this to determine your size. The ring sizer is easy to use and comes with instructions on getting your size. Since the ring sizer is about 3mm wide the same recommendations apply here as our example above.


If you are local to Nashville we would most definitely recommend that you visit us so we can size you and give you the best recommendation based on the stack you are considering. In our storefront we have both a 3mm sizing tray and a 6mm sizing tray which we will use to size you and make recommendations.


If you are not local to Nashville please feel free to email us at hello@considerthewldlfwrs.com and we would be happy to make recommendations based on your estimation, the rings you are considering purchasing, and your lifestyle.

 Photography by: Seji Inouye


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