Red, White and Something Blue. Our Favorite Pops of 4th of July Color for Your Jewelry Stacks

Fireworks aren’t the only sparkle to look forward to this Independence Day! In celebration of our nation’s birthday - we’re setting off sparkly fireworks and you’re invited. 

Color adds interest, dimension, and meaning to your jewelry story. Whether it’s a stone memorializing a loved one, celebrating a birth, anniversary, or channeling the characteristics of your favorite gem - we want you to feel empowered to go beyond the gold.  Take a look at some of our favorite ways to add red, white and blue to your stacks with rubies, sapphires and diamonds. 

On the left, the Diamond Bar Lariat is a timeless and wearable necklace featuring a vertical row of 6 gorgeous round diamonds. Wear this alone as a stunner or pair her with another necklace. The lariat style always adds length, dimension and elegance to any look. 

The middle photo shows our Dark Pink Sapphire ring paired with the Blue Sapphire ring. These rings flank one of our Bridal favorites - the Lorraine diamond band. We love the texture, shape and brightness of this stack.  It is a perfect right hand set or great for a bride who is not afraid to go for it with a little pop of color.

On the right, a dainty drip of diamond and sapphire sparkle, provided by our Sapphire Evolution Earrings, amp up an everyday look. Paired with the Sapphire Sprinkle Studs Large and the Birthstone Sprinkle Studs in ruby, you can mix and match these stones to create many looks and color pallets.

On the left, the Sapphire Clover Band arches perfectly around the Reflection EW Pink Tourmaline Ring. This vintage-inspired ring is surrounded by gold and dusted with diamonds. Also pictured: Birthstone Stackers which are available in 5 stone, 3 stone, and single stone settings - designed to tell your story.

In the middle, we have an everyday, colorful earstack. Anchoring the look is our Sapphire Chloe Hoop which gives us understated and elegant color in a perfect size. Coupled with the Birthstone Dust Studs in sapphire and our Mini Diamond Triad Studs - we love that this look can be worn in so many ways. From every angle this earstack is a stunner. 

On the right is true blue bling. We are swooning over this combination of one of our stacker favorites, the Glimmer Ring, the Blue Sapphire ring, and the princess cut Sapphire Harmony Ring. Each of these pieces is beautiful on their own, but the real story comes alive when they are combined. For an extra added wow factor, we paired it with the Helium Ring as she provides a layer of interest and a chunky vibe that we’re really feeling this summer. 

On the left, we have two of our classics. The Sapphire Midnight Band and Skinny Sapphire Midnight Band offer subtle ways to add color to your look. Eight sapphires are set organically and individually to make each ring completely one-of-a-kind - like fireworks in the midnight sky. 

In the center, we have created a red, white and blue bridal look. Each piece in this stack is classic and simple, yet when stacked together the look is unique and luxe. The Petite Domino Marquise Band is a different twist on bridal sparkle and paired with our classic solitaire Ziza it’s a look that can be appreciated for a lifetime. To add a bit of color, we’ve paired them with the Seed Birthstone Stacker in ruby and the Pave Birthstone Stacker in sapphire - because who doesn’t love a hint of sparkle with your color? 

On the bottom right, we have our latest and greatest Seed Birthstone Stackers. We love these textured beauties because they add a little sparkle and color to your stack. Let your stone tell the story - commemorate an anniversary, birthday, or just add a pop of your favorite power color. Choose from garnet, emerald, and peridot just to name 3 of our 12 available birthstones. 

How are you adding color in your jewelry? How are you wearing our pieces? We want to know! Connect with us on Instagram and view our “Red, White and Something Blue” favorites. Thanks so much for following us friends.  May the glimmer upon your hand outshine even the fireworks in the sky today and everyday.