Nashville’s Consider the Wldflwrs Celebrates New Customizable Jewelry Line: "Cherished and Charmed"

Feb 22, 2020by Emily Eggebrecht

Dainty, beautiful, and thin everyday pieces describe the timeless new collection by Consider the Wldflwrs. To further distinguish this line, designer Emily Eggebrecht has added customization to her long list of jewelry offerings.


To celebrate the new “Cherished and Charmed” collection, Consider the Wldflwrs launched their new line at their flagship East Nashville store in true ‘Consider’ fashion - with diamond-shaped cookies, Vroom Vroom balloons, and Consider the Wldflwrs signature champagne pours.



“We are so proud of our new collection that allows for custom fit, personalized engraving and a real creation of everyday pieces of heirloom jewelry,” said owner Emily Eggebrecht. “We wanted to honor this special time the same way we encourage our customers to celebrate their special life moments,” said Eggebrecht. 


Choosing from over 24 necklaces, charms, and bracelets in the collection, complete personalization was the theme of the collection. Consider the Wldflwrs jewelers could be found throughout the store custom-sizing each purchased piece and engraving initials on the round, oval, and heart-shaped charms that are staple in the new line. 

“We engraved their partner and children’s initials on pendants throughout the day. It was so special to see these pieces go from beautiful to meaningful and beautiful,” said Store Manager Zoe Glassman. “The customization aspect of this line really came to life at this event and that’s what was our goal in hosting this event.”


With limitless combinations to be made in the “Cherished and Charmed” collection, customers were excited to add layers to their everyday looks. Excited faces were seen throughout the store as people peered into the mirror at their child or loved one’s initials dangling daintily around their necks and wrists. A common sentiment: “I don’t want to take this off,” was echoed throughout. 


After custom fitting her new bracelet, one customer commented: “This jewelry goes perfectly with everything you have no matter your style. As special life moments happen, I will be adding on more personalized charms.”


Creating heirloom-worthy pieces was the inspiration for the collection as the line is also commemorating the birth of twins, due in June 2020, for designer Emily Eggebrecht. 


“Creating wedding and engagement rings has brought me so much joy,” said Eggebrecht. “And as I move into this next chapter of my life, I wanted everyday pieces that would grow with our family,” she said to the question of her inspiration for the “Cherished and Charmed” collection.


After jewelry and champagne, a tour of the store gave guests an appreciation for both the intricate design and execution of their new jewelry.


“Most people who come into the store are curious as to the banging they can hear in the background and I love telling customers that our designers are making our jewelry right here in the store,” Glassman explained as she proudly led guests through the tour.


As the event wrapped, Glassman reminded guests: “Come back in anytime for a free cleaning. Oh, and don’t wear jewelry to the gym or the pool as chlorine breaks down gold!” 



With complimentary jewelry cleaning and champagne while you shop, it’s no surprise as to why people travel across the country to buy timeless and wearable jewelry from Consider the Wldflwrs.


Zoe Glassman summed up the brand’s mantra: “We work with happy people. They're happy to get engaged, be married, and we can't help but mirror their energy.”

Look at “Cherished and Charmed” line and get inspired to design a custom piece for yourself or a loved one.

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