LONG WEEKEND AHEAD! Emily’s Relaxation Guide

We know you guys are full-steam busy bodies pushing through your weeks and working hard to play hard. That’s why you deserve a little R&R whenever you get the chance. Call it what you want, but it is essential to unwind, stop, slow down and take a moment to breathe. Consider the wildflowers for they do not labor or spin (worry) but look how absolutely beautiful they are!


When I have a moment whether it’s only an hour or longer here are some of my favorite ways to wind down/de-stress and refocus on my core values in life.

 1. Read a Book

Actually, I don’t usually physically read a book unless it’s a magazine. I am certain I have undiagnosed dyslexia so getting through even one page can be hard as my brain skips lines but I am a HUGE fan of listening to my airpods and I have books and podcasts going at all times. If I need to do household chores you can bet that I am listening to something. It also makes me feel like I am multi-tasking and keeping “with the times” even though I am at home so often and don’t have time to be on social media. I have found the topics I want to continue growing in and that is what I focus on. If I discover someone new that inspires me I will search their name in the podcast library and see if they’ve done previous interviews.


In college I had a professor that talked about his “spiritual library” and for the past 10 years I have been building one. I have a spiritual library, business library and mommy library now. These are books that I read and were life-changing so I know I need to keep them in my back pocket. I am still growing the list but here’s what is giving me LIFE right now:





2. Watch YouTube

You GUYS how many of you watch YouTube?! I am obsessed. It started with Whitney Port’s “I love my baby” series a few years ago and then Ashley Graham “Pretty Big Deal.” Ben and I also love to binge watch the Hodinkee watch series where they interview people with amazing watch collections and I can go down a deep rabbit hole with Architectural Digest don’t even get me started… Watching YouTube is more inspiring and real to me than binge watching Netflix shows. My recent absolute favorite videos have been about fashion or interior design. Vogue has a series called "7 Days, 7 Looks" so if you’re looking for some new ideas for Fall, look no further.


3. Get Outside

Getting fresh air is not as easy in the summertime in the South but it is more important than ever for your health and your mind. If you find yourself making excuses, find a way to combat those excuses in your mind to make it work. 


  • Too Hot? Get a massive water bottle and a better sports bra. Better yet… join a gym with a pool.

  • Allergies? Take medicine! In Nashville we have so many seasonal allergies but regular nasal spray or allergy medicine helps.


Enough with the negative excuses. Get out there and enjoy yourself! Just 30 minutes to 1 hour a day spend sometime outside looking at the incredible nature and breathing it in. And hey, even if you don’t see mountains or oceans… even little things like flowers, butterflies and the tiniest of bugs can make you stand in wonder.


4. Schedule a Massage

When it comes down to traditional ideas about self care I am all about scheduling a massage and putting it on the calendar and getting out of the house. These days most spas aren’t requiring a face mask but definitely do your research before you go. If a nice warm bath does the trick for you then take some time, set the mood and get to relaxing. My favorite bathtime essentials are:


What about you guys? Favorite books? Podcasts? Bathtime essentials? I am constantly adding to my library so DM us on Instagram and let me know what I am missing out on!