Jewelry Organization 101

It’s important to note that not all fine jewelry can be stored the same way. Whether that be because of special gemstones or certain chain textures, we recommend coming up with a plan to organize and store your jewelry when it’s not in use so that you can not only see what you have but also keep it safe! There are MANY different kinds of jewelry holders and boxes out there so we will just be sharing a few of our favorites with you if you are just starting your collection.



If you’re lucky enough to have a large dresser/vanity or drawer all to yourself, you can buy some of these drawer inserts from Container Store or Amazon that have separate sections for different types of jewelry. I love both of these options because of the material which is a soft fiber. Not only will your jewelry not slide around as you open the drawer, but you can feel comfortable putting gemstone pieces in there as well!


My favorite section in these organizers is the ring section because all of the rings are face up and you can see what you have, make quick selections for the day and keep the rings upright.


The sections that have rolled fabric are utilized for rings. The long skinny sections should be utilized for necklaces or bracelets (especially necklaces like the herringbone chain) and the larger square sections can be used for costume jewelry, earrings and charms or pendants.


One of the best things about these organizers is that they are stackable! If you have minimal space and perhaps don’t even have a free drawer, you can still organize with these trays by stacking them on top of each other.



My favorite counter top organizer is this tiered T stand from TargetIt is much taller and larger than it looks online so be sure to measure your space before you purchase this guy. I love how it holds longer necklaces and keeps them separated while still displaying each and every one. For your most-worn pieces this stand is a must have. I personally keep my earrings separated on the bottom tray portion so that my hoops are on one side and studs are on the other. My statement earrings I keep in a separate drawer like organizer under my counter because they are plated and/or costume fashion jewelry so while I want them to be organized, I don't need to see them daily.



For travel, whether its just for a weekend or for a longer period of time, I try to bring a smaller amount of jewelry that I will wear daily but also store each night. My favorite travel organizer is this one from EF Collection, one of the designers we carry at Consider the Wldflwrs. I also LOVE the travel organizers from Stoney Clover however they are currently sold out as I write this so I am just linking their general website for you. 


If you are perhaps going on a trip where you don't feel comfortable wearing or bringing much jewelry at all, I would recommend getting a wrist band like this one from Ring Bandits so that you can easily put your engagement ring and wedding band if you need to or if you are feeling uncomfortable! Its the perfect hiding spot and it will keep your rings nice and protected. 


Without getting too detailed in our 101 post it is important to note that certain pieces like herringbone chains, opals and pearls should be stored carefully and separately from other pieces to avoid damage. Here is another blog post on jewelry care that is more in-depth on specific pieces.


I hope these links help and you are enjoying some Spring cleaning while quarantined at home during the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. The best thing to do is keep on keepin' on and find your daily seed of hope!