It's Our Grand Opening - Come Shop and Explore Our Brand-New Store!

It wasn’t long ago that Consider the Wldflwrs hosted a pop-up jewelry sale in the coffee shop that used to occupy our new space. Known in those days as Edgehill Café, our then-budding jewelry maker Emily Eggebrecht sold something like 20 pieces from a tiny table in the middle of the shop (a table typically used for adding cream and sugar to one’s coffee!) while customers got their caffeine buzz and local musicians provided a soundtrack to it all. 

Although the pop-up was small, its success was great. Emily left the café on a high, thankful yet again for the good energy at her favorite local spot.


Today, Edgehill Café is long gone from that space, but we’re ecstatic to be its newest occupants, with hopes to bring back the high vibrations that were ever-present in that beloved coffee shop. And it’s why we’re officially celebrating this beautiful new space with a party this weekend!


Join us for our Grand Opening Party this Saturday, July 29th, as we christen our new space and kick off what we know will be many years of great memories here.

Consider the Wldflwrs Grand Opening Party

Saturday, July 29th, 2023 from 10AM to 5PM

1201 Villa Place #100 Nashville, TN 37212


In addition to offering festive drinks and snacks to browsing customers, we’ll be offering our special zapping service for this special occasion. A process of custom-fitting and -welding a 14k gold chain directly to the wrist or ankle, these clasp-less chains make for beautiful and delicate everyday wear that looks (and is!) truly effortless. 

It’s been a while since we’ve been able to host one of these exciting zapping events, so we’re thrilled to be offering the service in celebration of our flagship store kickoff! We hope you’ll join us and take advantage of this special offering.


Neither Emily nor the CTWF team would have ever guessed we would be moving into the space where we once spent so much time drinking coffee and catching up with friends. But the warm, convivial history that this space exudes is exactly what makes us feel so excited to be its new occupants; it’s got good vibes! 


“I kind of can’t believe we’re going to be occupying this space. Back when Consider the Wldflwrs was still brand new, I did a pop-up in this room while people sipped their coffee and listened to live music. It feels very serendipitous to be back.” – Emily Eggebrecht, CTWF’s founder and owner


Of course, we couldn’t have brought the empty space at 1201 Villa Place to life had it not been for the incredible artists and craftspeople who helped us make our vision a reality.


Thanks to our architects at the Sorci Design Group, our interior designer Savannah Metcalf of Grace Made, our contractors at The Carter Group, and our local design general contractor Madeline Westfall, we were able to make our new permanent home the storefront of our dreams.


“If you look at the space from a bird’s-eye view, I absolutely love that the shape of the store is actually the shape of a diamond! And then it keeps going, because a lot of the angles that customers will actually see when shopping in the space — like the angle of the display case and the checkout counter — were also inspired by diamond cuts. So, it really feels like this space is representative of us.” – Emily


Having now gone through four interior design projects and storefront build-outs with our interior designer Savannah, we are thrilled to bring more of the brand personality into this space. Both from our brand ethos and our new visual brand identity, designed by Lauren Ledbetter, we’ve designed a store that truly feels like a physical representation of us. Using shapes and angles that speak to the beautiful shapes we create in precious stones every day, and implementing materials to build the space that feel representative of our brand and its nature-inspired aesthetic, we feel like we’ve truly made this place our forever home.


While our hours of operation will remain the same, open Tuesday – Saturday from 10AM to 5PM, the additional square footage we’re gaining gives us more flexibility to host more guests, throw more events, and overall, to better cater to the needs and wants of our team and our clients!


We can’t wait to celebrate with you this weekend, honoring both the exciting future of our new space and the last ten years of success with Consider the Wldflwrs.