Introducing: The Essentials Collection

Sep 30, 2021by Arden Leone

It’s no secret that life is full of busy seasons. It feels like we are always hustling from one thing to the next without ever being able to stop and savor the moments. This past season, however, has been a different kind of “busy” for our family. No doubt for yours, too. Everyone has dealt with major changes being thrown their way. Nobody has been able to escape the endless barrage of decisions, changes in plans, or news cycles. We are all grasping to find peace in everyday moments and to get back to the foundations of life, love, and joy. 


Over recent years, we have designed new collections with a bit more complexity -- offering a wide variety of unique designs and styles of rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. But we have been longing to come back to the simple mindset that we built our business on. The Essentials Collection that we are launching today echoes our beginnings, providing simple chains, hoops, and everyday, “essential” staple pieces. It offers sweet ways to remind ourselves of the vital relationships in our lives and of the importance of slowing down to find the joy in the little things. 


We are excited to offer pieces that give you a tangible way to cling to something personal that brings you joy when you need it most. This collection also includes engravable necklaces and bracelets as a daily, golden reminder of a special name, date or mantra. The Golden Envelope Necklace can be personalized to hold a secret message close to your heart, and the Golden Dawn Necklace can be engraved with a phrase or person’s name that makes you smile and feel like you’re at home.


Any of these pieces would make the perfect gift for that special person in your life, but they are also designed with you in mind. We want to encourage you to hold what is important to you close and to remind yourself of the story you are building for yourself - the story that brings you the purest of joy. 


Over time, joy and hope will always shine through the darkness. As we enter into a season where we can gather with loved ones more and the fears of the past couple of years can fall by the wayside, let these pieces be a reminder that “joy is essential” - and hope is right around the corner. Shop the full Essentials Collection here.


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