Introducing our Newest Collection of Timeless, Modern Jewelry: The 10th Anniversary Collection

What better way to continue celebrating all the newness that’s happened here at Consider the Wldflwrs lately — the new brand, the new website, the new store — than with yet another new thing? Like a new jewelry collection, perhaps?

We’re thrilled to be launching our newest jewelry collection, both online and in-store at our new, flagship jewelry shop here in Edgehill Village in Nashville, TN: The 10th Anniversary Collection! 

(And we hope those of you who were able to preview the collection at our Grand Opening Party this past weekend are already chomping at the bit to get your hands — or ears, necks, and wrists — on it when it officially goes live.)

A part of our Signature Line, The 10th Anniversary Collection was created to celebrate our ten-year milestone with lots of fun, romantic, and nature-inspired elements that, all together, feel truly representative of Consider the Wldflwrs as a brand and a jeweler.

Featuring seventeen new and beautiful pieces each made from 14k gold, the 10th Anniversary Collection was designed with you in mind to celebrate a decade of memories set in gold and the memories that are yet to be made. These timeless heirlooms are to be worn, styled, and lived in by you - the co-creators of our Consider story. So, what sets this collection apart from others we’ve debuted over the years? 


10th Anniversary Collection


Rose Cut Diamonds

This romantic shape not only feels appropriate for a 10-year anniversary — who doesn’t love roses when it comes to celebrating a special occasion!? — but the term rose cut also intimates our brand’s affection for nature and flowers, whether they grow wild or not. We are thrilled to be featuring these stunning, rose-cut diamonds throughout this collection, and hope you will love them just as much as we do.

Made popular during the Georgian Era (the 16th century), rose cut diamonds have recently reemerged as an ethereal, antique-inspired alternative to the more traditional brilliant cut diamond, offering a sensual shimmer and luster. With a flat bottom instead of a pointed base, rose-cut diamonds are able to sit much closer to the skin, making them perfect for setting into bracelets, necklaces, and stud earrings. Whereas brilliant cut diamonds typically offer around 58 distinct facets from which light can bounce and reflect (including on the pointed, bottom side of the stone), rose cuts tend to offer fewer facets (partially due to the flat stone base), which gives them a softer, more subtle shine, and also allows them to sit lower in the setting instead of being so dramatically elevated.

Inspired by the spiraled petals in a rosebud, the rose cut was one of the very first cuts of diamonds ever created. They were originally cut by hand to optimize sparkle in the candlelight. What’s more, they were one of the first cuts we thought of when considering how to commemorate this special milestone for Consider the Wldflwrs.


Abundant Bezels

Similar to the presence of rose-cut diamonds in our 10th Anniversary Collection, bezels also make repeat appearances, accentuating necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. But these aren’t just your ordinary bezels. Specially named “Bubble Bezels” in this collection, these bezel settings reveal a larger, bubblier version of the classic bezel, offering a little extra 14k shine around the center stone.


Bezels are a popular method of setting precious stones in jewelry without the use of prongs. Instead of the now-traditional look of having multiple prongs securing a stone, bezels feature a continuous collar around the gemstone to hold it in place. This sleek and practical modern style not only keeps a stronger grip on the diamond inside but allows the metal to completely encircle the stone, casting a gorgeous gold halo around the sparkly diamond. 

Inspired by our favorite blue and yellow wildflower, the 10th Anniversary Collection’s Forget Me Not Diamond Bezel Bracelet and Forget Me Not Diamond Bezel Necklace feature bezel settings around rose-cut diamonds that are reminiscent of the gorgeous wildflower’s vivid yellow eye. Paired with long links, these pieces offer an inspired, heritage look.  Additionally, the Bubble Bezel Diamond Stud Earrings feature that same, thickened bezel around the center diamond, giving the design a little more weight without adding excessive carats to the diamond.


Bezel Set Jewelry Consider the Wldflwrs


Huggie Hoops with Charms

In an effort to make this collection feel fun and celebratory, we knew we had to include some beautiful new huggie hoop earrings! Featuring four distinct designs, the 10th Anniversary Collection has a charming huggie for everybody. 


As opposed to traditional hoops, which often come in varying sizes but often dangle down far from the earlobe itself, huggie earrings feature a small style of hoop that closely “hugs” the earlobe. And the sets we’ve designed for this particular selection each feature a distinctive charm that gives them a little more shine. 


Our New Logo

Last, but certainly not least, one of the biggest differentiators in this 10th Anniversary Collection is the inclusion of our new logo on the back of some of the jewelry. Because we’re so in love with our elevated new branding, we were thrilled to include the circular logo mark on the back of our Rose Cut Diamond Hexagon Drop Necklace, and on the backs of each Bubble Bezel in the Forget Me Not Diamond Bezel Bracelet and Forget Me Not Diamond Bezel Necklace.

We’re elated to have this timeless, handcrafted collection to share with our clients, who have supported us throughout the past decade and made this business possible. And we can’t wait to wear the various pieces ourselves, sharing the story of this jewelry business that has, become so much more meaningful to us than we could have imagined.  

More than being Nashville’s favorite local jeweler, we hope Consider the Wldflwrs is your go-to small jeweler for timeless modern jewelry that shares the depths of your heart.

Consider the Wldflwrs Square Signet Ring 

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