How to Store Your Fine Jewelry

Your jewelry deserves VIP treatment, just like you. Properly storing and protecting your jewelry is critical to keep it looking sparkly and lasting for years to come. We get questions about jewelry storage often, so this week on the Journal we’re giving you all of our favorite storage solutions as well as the top five ways to keep your fine jewelry safe, tangle-free, shiny, and ready to wear.


Separate your precious gemstones.

This may seem simple, but it’s essential. Precious gemstones like diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, pearls and opals are the cornerstones of the most valuable types of jewelry in any collection. When storing, always separate delicate stones like pearls and opals away from diamonds. These softer stones can crack or scratch when stored next to harder stones.


Clasp and hang necklaces to avoid tangles.

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to put the finishing touch on an outfit only to find it tangled or kinked. An easy fix: Necklace hangers. One of our favorites can be found here at Urban Outfitters. For costume jewelry, you can also use Command hooks on the inside of  your bathroom cabinet. But, there is a critical exception to this rule: ALWAYS lay herringbone chains flat to store to prevent kinks!


Separate your base metals for storage.

After doing an inventory of your jewelry, separate and store each type of base metal together - gold, silver, brass, etc. This separation helps to prevent the metals from tarnishing when interacting with one another. For this, you may need multiple jewelry boxes. We love this one and this one from CB2. Remember, fine jewelry can stand the test of time, but gold is a soft metal, which makes it susceptible to dents, dings, and scratches. Take care of your jewelry and be mindful of your gold rings, watches, and bracelets while you store them. Consider also wrapping each piece in a separate cloth, box or draw-string bag for safekeeping.


Don't overcrowd!

Depending on how many pieces you own, you may find it difficult to separate and give each piece enough space. Metals can scratch, necklaces can tangle, and prongs can snag if not stored correctly. So spread out that jewelry! For a drawer, we recommend using this stacker collection from The Container Store.


Store your larger rings upright so you can see and enjoy them.

This will protect any center stones and allow you to see your collection for easy stacking and outfit assembly. Smaller rings, like stackers, can be stored together and lay flat without a problem.
So, it just takes a little organization, attention to detail, and dedication to keep your jewelry accessible, sparkly, and in excellent condition. We adore all the stacks and stones and hope that you put as much love and thought into storing your jewelry as we’ve put into designing it for you.