How to Build an Ear Stack

You may have heard of a ring stack, but did you know you can create an effortlessly chic ear stack too?!  From studs and hoops to huggies and threaders, we have everything you need to mix and match the perfect array of fabulous earrings to match your style and personality. 


Getting Started with Your Ear Stack 

ear stack

First things first, if you want to create an ear stack you have to decide on your style. You can go edgy and asymmetrical and build a stack on just one ear, or you can divide your earrings evenly among both ears for a more polished look. 

One of the easiest ways to build an ear stack is to start with our Petite Cluster Ear Stack Pack, which gives you a beautiful variety of studs to begin styling. 

When it comes to building an ear stack, the options are endless, so we leave the creativity up to you. Let your individuality shine and use this guide as inspiration to choose whatever earrings speak to you.


Never Underestimate Studs 

stud earrings

Studs are far from boring. Don't shy away from building an ear stack of three studs, being sure to vary sizes, textures and stones. Our Heart Ear Stack Pack, which includes a Micro Diamond Stud, Briar Bar Stud and Heart Stud, is a subtle way to build a classy ear stack that's perfect if you're new to this look. 

Add texture to any ear party with our Hammered Disc Stud, or make it a timeless ear stack with Freshwater Pearl Earrings. Show your personality with a Mini Helium Initial Stud or a Birthstone Stud Earring—which also adds a pop of color! 


Huggies & Hoops are Always a Good Idea

huggies and hoops

If you really want to amp up the style, add a huggie or hoop to your ear party—or both! When styling both together, we love a simple gold hoop, like our 8mm Plain Ring Earring, with something glamorous like our Diamond Dome Mini Huggie or the Prong Set Diamond Baguette Huggie.

Depending on how many piercings you have, you can create some lovely contrast between a hoop and huggie with studs like our Micro Diamond Stud Earring and the Petite Stick Stud Earring.

To add some texture to your ear party with a hoop, we recommend adding the Twisted Petite Hoops. If you want to really emphasize the metal, our Fat Tire Huggies are far from simple, yet can easily be a part of your everyday look. 

Our Pearl and Diamond Charmed Micro Gabby Hoops and Baguette Charmed Micro Gabby Hoops are very on trend and add a more feminine touch to your ear party. 


Change it up with Chains & Threaders 

chains and threaders

Chains and threaders will give you a very cool-girl ear stack. We love 'em and they make it so easy to turn your ear party from simple to mega-glam. Pair our fabulous Chateaux Chain Sparkle Stud Earring with something else sparkly, like the 6 Petal Flower Stud Earring, and something solid gold, like the Hammered Disc Stud Earring, for a truly classic look. 

Our Simple Threaders Earrings pack a punch on their own, but are the perfect subtle addition to a stack of studs. If you want to personalize your ear party, try our Double Birthstone Chain Earrings or Birthstone and Seed Chain Earrings.

Shop all of our earrings to find endless ways to mix and match your perfect ear stack. There are no rules to what you can or can't do, so let your heart lead you and let your personality shine.