How Often Should You Change Your Earrings?

Dec 20, 2019by Emily Eggebrecht

If you’re a longtime lover of the CTWF brand, you will know that we made a switch to selling only fine jewelry about 3 years ago. One of the many reasons we made this change was because most of our customers wore our gold-filled studs or rings everyday, non-stop for years... I’m talking 5+ years. What’s wrong with that?! We will get into the differences of plated and solid gold jewelry in another blog post, but plated (or fashion) jewelry is not made to be worn everyday. Many of our clients experienced the disappointment of their plated or gold-filled jewelry changing color and/or starting to irritate their ears after the plating wore off - ouch! Fashion jewelry is SO much fun. We still sell some statement earrings and love to support companies that sell fun fashion earrings like these and these. But this blog post is more specifically about how often you should change your SOLID gold jewelry. Because, if you ask me, you should take out any plated or fashion earrings every night before showering or going to bed.

ear stack

Solid gold earrings CAN be worn every single day, and depending on the design or if it has gemstones, they can be worn to sleep or in the shower. Read more about jewelry care recommendations on our blog. If you buy solid gold earrings, it’s usually an investment that you want to get the most out of. But does that mean you shouldn’t change your earrings for years? We say no! And here is why: seasonally you should be comfortable removing your earrings and changing up your ear stack to give yourself a fresh look. Different seasons call for different styles, based on fashion or your own agenda! In the Spring, I became a new mom and I was constantly falling asleep in random places - on my couch, in the rocking chair, and sometimes in the car for a little snooze. Studs with posts in them really started irritating my head while I was sleeping on these harder surfaces so I switched to minimal clickers that could rotate on their own and didn’t bother me at all. Later in the summer my husband and I started going on date nights again and I got back to work some, so I changed out some of my piercings with pavé hoops and studs that made me feel more like myself again! As the season changed to fall, I became obsessed with the thick hoop ear stack look and changed my first hole to a thicker hollow hoop. These weren't too heavy for my lobes (and my son couldn’t quite grab them) then brought back my minimalist gold hoops that I rocked in the spring!  


We aren’t suggesting that you buy multiple ear stacks to start out, but work on your ear stack and consider the investment! Your ears are on your head - near your face. Don’t forget about them! And if you’re going to spend money on some pavé earrings, PLEASE for the love of jewelry, clean them at least once a month so that they are sanitary, sparkly and ready to be loved for years to come.



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