History of the Cross Necklace

Jewelry has been used throughout history to embellish our bodies and remind ourselves of our allegiances, faith, and beliefs. Arguably the most significant and rich in history is the cross necklace. It’s probably the only fashion accessory still in existence that carries the deepest meaning and greatest permanence. In this Journal post, we want to highlight the meaning and importance of this timeless necklace.


First worn by Christians as early as II A.D. when Christianity became the official religion of the Roman empire, the cross necklace was originally linked to pain following the crucifixion of Christ. As time went on, Christians began to embrace this symbol to honor His sacrifice. 


Today, the cross is still very much linked to the Christianity and now is a reminder of God’s love, dedication to faith, and hope of salvation. The symbol has also become mainstream in jewelry and fashion and is beloved for its simplicity, elegance, and symbolism. Celebrities have rocked the cross necklace in recent decades, making it a mainstay in fashion and history. Spanning decades: from 80’s rappers to Madonna in the 90’s to today’s Dutchess Kate Middleton. 


After the events of this last year, the presence of the cross has become more prevalent as a symbol of the faith that has carried many of us through in a difficult time. It’s a beautiful reminder that new beginnings and light can be born even from the hardest of circumstances.  

Whatever your motivation for wearing this timeless symbol, we offer several cross options that are beautiful balance between modern and classic:


The hammered effect on the Small Hammered Cross and Large Hammered Cross charms lends these gorgeous pieces to a unique, rugged look that highlights the dainty design and the strength that the cross represents. Make it meaningful by adding engraving to the back of the charm or a gemstone bail for a pop of color - available in white diamond, ruby, blue sapphire, yellow sapphire or green tsavorite. Add these charms to any chain and they will be the perfect addition to your jewelry collection.  


Rich in significance and symbolism, the cross necklace is all about hope and wearing your faith. Some would even say that the cross symbolizes the ultimate love story - and that is what Consider jewelry is designed to do. 

This is the year to create a new family tradition or revive an old one. This charm necklace can be passed down and commemorated for generations. How will you wear your story of faith? Tag us on Instagram @considerthewldflwrs. We love to hear your stories of strength and love.

History reference for this post provided by maanabdullah. Read the full article here.