Fortunate to be a Small Local Jeweler — with a Large Loyal Client Base

They say you’re only as good as the people you have around you, so we feel incredibly fortunate to have such tremendous people surrounding and supporting us here at Consider the Wldflwrs.

Over the past ten years, CTWF has gone through its fair share of changes (as most small businesses do!), but one thing that has never varied is the unwavering support of our steadfast clients. When Consider the Wldflwrs’ founder and owner, Emily Eggebrecht, first launched her then-budding jewelry business in 2013, every single piece almost immediately sold out — all thanks to her excited fans who turned into eager clients. And although our style has evolved, our clientele has broadened, and we’ve sharpened our focus towards timeless, modern heirlooms, our clients’ support — your support! — has become stronger than ever over the course of the last ten years. 


We have moved upwards of eleven times; our staff has grown in both size and in ability; and we’ve finally landed, all together, in our forever storefront in Edgehill Village. But not a single one of those huge changes would have been possible without our clients backing; without the earrings you fell in love with; the engagement ring we helped you create for your girlfriend (now wife!); the wedding band we engraved with your special date, or the heirloom ring of your grandmother’s we helped you turn into something that felt truly special to you; the trust you put in us to create something that not only looks beautiful but carries sentimental value.


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We really mean it when we say every single sale and every single piece of jewelry has meant something to us. But the truth behind that statement is this: the stories we get to be a part of are what really make what we do worthwhile. Take this story from Courtney, who posted on Instagram just a few weeks ago:

“When Michael and I first went to look at rings, I thought so many of them were really pretty but none of them felt like ‘me.’ Then Michael made us an appointment at this beautiful [jewelry store] in Nashville called Consider the Wldflwrs. We started designing a custom ring, and both of us got to pick stones and play with the layout and make something that we felt represented us and our relationship. To me, this ring is perfect. It’s colorful and unique and playful but also elegant and classy. It’s unconventional, just like me and Michael. And my favorite thing is that we got to create it together.” – Courtney


But it’s not just the romantic, love-filled, happy-ending engagement stories that make our work fulfilling. Over the years, our clients have trusted us to create jewelry that tells the story of some of the hardest moments of their lives: their tragedies, sorrows and losses. And although those pieces are emotional, they are often the most rewarding to create.

“The custom ring CTWF did for my two sisters and me means the world. My grandma Betty passed away just before my older sister was born. We never had a chance to meet her but have each always coveted her wedding ring. Being that there are three of us, the ring stayed in a box in my dad's dresser for over 30 years — at least, until Emily [Eggebrecht, owner of Consider the Wldflwrs] came along! She was able to slice the ring into thirds, and melted another gold ring from my grandpa (who also passed but we did thankfully know and get to love) to form the band underneath, supporting each of our Grandma Betty “chunks.” The three of us wear our rings daily — maybe even more than our own wedding rings! I am reminded of the legacy we come from whenever I look at it.” – Kelsey


Of course, no small business could survive without the support of its local community, but here at Consider the Wldflwrs, we’ve been lucky enough to gain loyal clients from across the greater Nashville area, from all 50 states, and even from different countries across the globe! It never ceases to amaze us, the [literal] lengths clients have taken to come and visit us in store over the years…


“We traveled from Tulsa, OK just to visit CTW, because I loved the idea of having [both an engagement ring and wedding band that were] uniquely mine and getting to support a small business and a female designer! ...Getting engaged during a pandemic resulted in not getting to experience so many of the normal celebratory things, and I just can’t thank the entire CTWF team enough for making this so memorable and special for both of us!!” – Terren


…nor does it ever get old, welcoming friendly, local faces back into the store, time and time again.


“I have been shopping here for about a year now for most all holidays and gift giving opportunities. Brianna and the other staff have been incredible and provide the absolute best experience, from simply remembering your name to remembering nearly everything you have ever glanced at. They have helped me curate and build upon a jewelry collection for my wife that she loves. I wouldn't think to shop anywhere else.” – Martin


Consider the Wldflwrs high quality fine jewelry made in the US 

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again:

We wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for your support.

So once again thank you, CTWF clients, for not only supporting our team in our collective passion for creating fine jewelry for life, but for also allowing us to play a small (and sparkly!) role in some of your lives’ most meaningful moments. Thank you for visiting our various locations over the years, for purchasing our jewelry online, for trusting us with your precious heirlooms, and for coming to us for the jewelry you wear on your most important days — and every other day, too. We feel honored to be a part of your story and hope to play another role in your story in the years that are yet to come.


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