Episode 3: Construction Begins On Our New Flagship Location

We're excited to share the latest episode of our Edgehill Village Campaign with you. In this episode, we take you through the construction phase of our store, which was an exciting but challenging phase in our journey towards creating the perfect store for our community.

One of the biggest challenges we faced during the construction phase was an issue with our store's layout. After shifting our original design plans, we discovered a problem with the case layout that wasn't accounted for in the redesign process. However, don't fret! Despite the stress, we remained determined to create a store that is visually appealing and functional. We spent a little extra time exploring different options, and we have since arrived at the perfect layout.


Fine Jewelry, Engagement Rings, and Wedding Ring Store in Nashville, TN. Edgehill Village

To gain a better understanding of the fabrication process of our cases, we visited Fort Houston in Nashville, TN. It was a sweet experience to return to Fort Houston, as it was the first building in which our founder, Emily, had an office for Consider the Wldflwrs. The space in Fort Houston was the first big step for the company, which started out of Emily's bedroom and solidified CTWF as a Nashville favorite. The team at Fort Houston was incredibly helpful, and we had exciting conversations about the design of our cases. We learned so much about the process and are excited to see these cases come to life.

We are thrilled to share our progress with you and hope you will join us on our journey to create a premier destination for fine jewelry and engagement rings in the Nashville community.


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Make sure you’re subscribed to our email and SMS lists to stay up to date on our new flagship location buildout. In the next episode, we'll take you through the next phase of our construction journey as we work towards the final stages of creating our dream store. We'll also discuss some of the challenges we faced during this phase and how we overcame them. We're excited to share this journey with you and can't wait to see what’s to come in the next episode of our Edgehill Village Campaign.

We're so grateful for the support we've received so far, and we're looking forward to sharing more updates with you soon. Thank you for being a part of our journey!

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