Engagement Ring Myths

Buying an engagement ring can be an overwhelming process. There are so many things to consider and if you’re just starting to look into the process, you might be feeling a bit confused. There is no shortage of information about the right way to buy a ring and not all of it is entirely helpful. We are here to break down all of the myths and misconceptions about engagement rings to help simplify the process for you and your significant other. 


Myth #1 - The Engagement Ring Must Be A Surprise

A question we get all of the time is if couples should shop for engagement rings together. If a couple wants to shop together, we say go for it! You will wear your engagement ring forever and making the decision about cost, style, and where to get the ring from together can be a great choice for some couples. 

We love a good surprise (who doesn't?!), but keep in mind there are plenty of ways to make the engagement a surprise while ensuring the bride still gets the ring she will love forever! There can still be elements of the proposal like when, where, and how to maintain the element of surprise. 

Myth #2 - An Engagement Ring Should Cost Three Months Salary

This one has been around for a long time, but that doesn't mean it's true. The truth is there is no hard and fast rule for the cost of the ring. Decide on your budget and communicate that with your jeweler — we're here to help you find the dream ring within your budget!


Myth #3 - The Bigger The Better

There is so much to consider when deciding on a ring! Carat weight is not the only thing to think about when it comes to the ring. The 4 C’s of diamonds (color, clarity, carat, and cut) should all be taken into consideration. Carat weight is purely preference and budget. A tiny diamond can be as beautiful as a much larger diamond and no matter what your preference is, we are here to create your dream ring. 

Myth #4 - Lab Grown Diamonds Aren’t Real Diamonds

Lab grown diamond are absolutely real! Like the name suggests, lab grown diamonds are created in a lab that mimics the natural diamond growing process. They have the same chemical properties as a natural diamond and they are even graded and certified using the same process as natural diamonds.

Myth #5 - An Engagement Ring Has to Have a White Diamond Center Stone

An engagement ring can be whatever you want it to be! There are no rules when it comes to creating your dream ring. You can design something custom, opt for a colored center stone, or decide on a simple stack of diamond bands if that's more your vibe. The most important thing is that you get something you love!


If you are unsure of where to start, take a look at our Signature Collection settings or our Alternative Bridal Collection. If you can’t find exactly what you want, tell us about your dream ring! Submit a Custom Design Form to work with our team on designing your perfect ring.