Endless Engraving Options

Jewelry transcends sparkle when it’s personal and uniquely yours. Whether it’s bridal jewelry, a push present, wedding party jewelry, or the celebration of an anniversary or milestone, we offer endless customization and engraving options perfect for every occasion. This Journal entry is dedicated to all of the engraving options available on CTWF jewelry and to provide a little inspiration on how you can personalize your next heirloom-worthy piece. 


Engrave Later

If you can’t decide what you want engraved on the spot or if you’re giving the piece as a gift and just not 100% sure what means the most to them - leave it blank and add the engraving later. Include a special note with your gift and let the recipient choose what will make their piece most memorable and meaningful. An added bonus is that beautiful, polished gold is never a bad idea. ;)


Text + Font Options

Depending on the piece, you can engrave a single letter, phrase, date or even your own handwriting. We also have 5 font options to choose from on our CTWF customizable pieces - Simple, Modern, Script, Formal, and Elegant. Feel free to reach out to us if you are looking for something specific. 


For engraving a monogram, bible verse, date, quote, or mantra we love the Plateau Signet. She’s our latest beauty from the most recent In Color collection and the personalization options are endless.


Our Rectangle Heritage is another perfect way to wear your unique story. For other round, heart and oval shaped charm options


Graphic Engraving 

Our unique graphic engraving options include fingerprints, footprints, images, logos or family crest. Really anything you can dream up - we can engrave. We love our Classic Namesake engraved with a sweet baby footprint and our Large Round Heritage engraved with a fingerprint - so personal and completely one-of-a-kind. 


Something to consider when purchasing your engraved jewelry is to make sure you check the lead time - some pieces require up to 6 weeks. We promise it is worth the wait. No time for engraving? No worries, buy now and bring it back in for engraving at your convenience.  


Thank you so much for getting personal with us. We hope to see in our East Nashville store soon or hear how you personalized your Consider jewelry on Instagram at @considerthewldflwrs. As always, reach out to us with any questions or custom inquiries. If you have a dream design, we can help you make it a sparkly reality. 


This video features our engraving options on our Classic Namesake, but these options can be applied to almost any CTWF customizable/engravable pieces.