Dreamed up in a moment of wonder... New Alternative Bridal Rings

It was May. The flowers had already bloomed and the buzzing bees were becoming part of our daily rhythm and we had already peaked creatively for the season. We were just on a routine walk and then we saw it, a potential. A dream. A reality. A challenge. Call it what you may, but in the moment we couldn’t do anything but talk about the what if’s of such an opportunity. Opportunities don’t often come boxed up in gift wrapping and delivered to your front porch with a knock and your exact name and address spelled out right there in plain sight. Sometimes the opportunity is serendipitous and you ponder and wonder what is right and wrong - which way is up or down. In the awe and wonder you might lose sight of the mundane and ordinary and start to dream. Some might call it an escape - but more simply it might be called hope or joy. And sometimes it’s meant to be acted on - as we fill in the black and white blanks we’ve been given in this life. What if we were meant to go “against the grain” - to dare to be bold, brave and fight. This new collection of alternative bridal rings was dreamed up in a moment of wonder. Each unique center stone was hand-selected for our alternative bridal collection to celebrate a moment of progress. Love doesn’t begin with the end in sight and it doesn’t know where it’s going. It’s not black and white and a little grace goes a long way. We hope that the imperfections of these center stones are a perfect reminder that there is excellence in the ordinary if you’re looking for it, striving for it and dreaming about what it could be.


Read on to learn more about the unique design of each new alternative bridal ring.


Ironweed Black Diamond Ring - The Ironweed Black Diamond Ring featyres a 1.04ct black diamond pear cut center stone contrasting neatly with white diamond side stones. This five stone black and white diamond engagement ring has just the right amoung of gem contrast. Available in 14k yellow gold, size 6.


Lunaria Square Emerald Ring - The Lunaria Square Emerald Ring features a square cut, one-of-a-kind 1.85ct emerald center stone flanked with double side stones - white diamond step cut and rounds. She sparkles with an evergreen hue. Available in 14k yellow gold, size 6.


Forget-Me-Not Emerald Bezel Ring - The Forget-Me-Not Emerald Bezel Ring is a showstopper featuring a 1.02ct center stone surrounded by diamonds on each side, hugged in gold and brushed with a matte finish. Truly unforgettable. Available in 14k yellow gold, size 5.75.


Winged Everlasting Opalescent Diamond Ring - The Winged Everlasting Opalescent Diamond Ring features an 1.91ct opalescent pear cut diamond immaculately set with 5 ball prongs and flanked with baguette and round white diamonds. With a slightly iridescent and opal-like finish, this ring is an alternative to a traditional diamond center stone. The diamond is naturally grown and keeps the mind wondering because of its beauty. Available in 14k yellow gold, size 6.



Globe Amarynth Cinnamon Sapphire Ring - The Globe Amarynth Cinnamon Sapphire Ring features a 1.58ct crimson step cut natural sapphire partially bezel set and floating between white diamonds. This three stone ring is moderna and warm. Available in 14k yellow gold, size 5.75.


Lunaria Rectangle Emerald Ring - The Lunaria Rectangle Emerald Ring features a classic 2.17ct green emerald step cut center stone designed with four matching white diamond side stones in a tapered effect. She is traditional yet modern with an emerald touch. Available in 14k yellow gold, size 5.5. 


Chamomile Champagne Rosecut Diamond Ring - The Chamomile Champagne Rosecut Diamond Ring features a 2.16ct champagne diamond center stone with rose cut facets and glistening white diamond side stones. Set in a low basket, this ring is available in 14k yellow gold, size 6.