A Bracelet for a Cause

When Arlie Wolfe wrote her name for the first time her mother Lisa could feel the weight that each milestone carried, that every moment counts. 


In 2016 at nearly two years old, Arlie was diagnosed with leukemia. Later a relapse and subsequent bone marrow transplant would require a 6-month stay at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. It was in that room where Arlie healed among ice cream cone speckled pillow cases, rainbow banners and unicorn balloons that Lisa dreamed up Living for Everything


LFE is a nonprofit organization that shows up specifically for the families and caregivers of pediatric cancer patients by providing care, meals and comfort kits. 


“You’ll never have to second guess what a mother is living for,” Lisa said via the LFE Instagram account. “We are here to love and give selflessly.”


This year LFE’s goal is to feed and give comfort kits out to all pediatric cancer patients and their caregivers at St. Thomas Midtown and Centennial hospitals on Christmas Eve.


Lisa and CTWF founder Emily providentially met in 2020 when Arlie and Ezra (Emily’s first son) played with each other through the glass at a restaurant in West Nashville. Shortly after meeting through glass, Emily and Lisa connected virtually on Instagram. It has been over a year since this first serendipitous meeting and since then Lisa and Emily have bonded over hospital stays with their children. In 2020, Emily navigated a NICU stay with one of her twins while his brother was discharged to go home. Both moms have experienced the need for comfort as a caregiver and the desire to hold onto every tiny moment.


The Golden Dawn Curb Bracelet was designed by Consider the Wldflwrs in collaboration with Living for Everything. Its fittingly gold to represent pediatric cancer and engraved with those three words that keep Lisa grateful and focused on her mission - "every moment counts". The nameplate can also be custom engraved to commemorate your own treasured milestones, to remind you that every moment counts. For every bracelet sold, $500 will be donated to Living For Everything.


Arlie is now seven years old and three years in remission. She is the light and smile behind LFE. She’s silly and colorful and a doting big sister. To Lisa each day, she’s a little neon sign that every moment counts.