Consider Adventure Jewelry Travel Case

Oct 7, 2021by Arden Leone

In a world of multi-tasking and schedules, it’s easy to forget that there is more out there. Wide open spaces, fresh air, and new flavors, sights, and sounds are calling you. Our advice is that you answer that call and GO! Find time to indulge yourself with some rest, relaxation, and adventure. After all, you’re a dreamer who sees possibility everywhere, so go out and explore! Whether you prefer a city trip, a mountain getaway, or a beach escape, we know the pieces of jewelry that mean so much to you will need to follow along. Our new Jewelry Travel Case is the best possible jewelry storage solution to keep those special pieces safe and sound, whether you are out adventuring or just looking for an easy way to keep your jewelry safe at home.


Our jewelry storage case was designed to be unisex, with a simple design that includes a gold zipper and beautifully embossed “Consider the Wldflwrs” logo on the top. But one of our very favorite features is the one-of-a-kind material it’s made of. The textured black saffiano leather has a cross-hatch finish that is achieved by treating it with a specialized stamping machine. It is then further finished with a wax treatment, making the leather highly scratch resistant, durable, and incredibly easy to keep clean. Perfect for those adventures that might be a little more wild and free. We created this just for you with every little detail in mind:


  • An incredibly perfect size at approximately 5x5x2" - the case can easily fit inside a carry-on bag or purse, but is still roomy enough to hold your collection - because we know you need options for spontaneity while away! 

  • 3 loop snaps for necklaces and bracelets with or without pendants, as well as a cinched fabric pouch to hold pendants at the bottom of necklaces or to keep bangles or larger bracelets secure.


  • A center wall compartment with 16 holes for earring posts. We love that this compartment doubles as a secure lid to the top half of the jewelry case depending on the types of pieces you are storing - so versatile! 

  • 6 middle ring slots for multiple ring widths or for storing your stacks upright.

  • An additional catch-all snap roll for delicate larger hoops or multiple skinny stacker rings.

  • 3 separated slots with 2 removable compartments for leather watch straps or any other pieces you may need a longer compartment for.


  • Last, but definitely not least, we have included 2 ombre organza bags for anything else you might need, like storing other hoops, rings, or items that you’d like to keep separated and safe from other jewelry! 


Bottom line - this case looks and feels good everywhere! This case makes the perfect gift for the holidays (right around the corner!) and is the perfect solution for any jewelry storage needs. Click here to shop the Jewelry travel case. And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and tag us in your photos using the hashtag #consideradventure so we can follow along and see the incredible places you take it. 


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