Celebrating 10 Years with a New Look and a New Store!

Ten years ago today, Consider the Wldflwrs’ founder and owner Emily Eggebrecht launched CTWF’s very first jewelry collection online, and watched in both amazement and delight as every single one of her pieces quickly sold out.

Now today, a whopping ten years since CTWF made its online debut, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new brand.


Check out our fresh look and new website now, and explore our flagship store today, Tuesday, July 11th at 1201 Villa Place! Then join us for our Grand Opening Party on Saturday, July 29th.


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Both in celebration of our 10-Year Anniversary, and to help us usher in ten more meaningful years to come, the brilliant Lauren Ledbetter redesigned our logo, revamped our brand identity, and teamed up with our talented web developers to remodel our website. We’re over the moon to now have a look
that feels elevated and elegant, like a grown-up version of who Consider the Wldflwrs has always been. Just as Emily and the team have grown and evolved since that online launch many years ago, so too has Consider the Wldflwrs.


It began as a budding idea…


What started in 2013 as an earnest love for jewelry has since turned into something much greater: a passion for the craft of jewelry making and a devotion to instilling meaning in every single piece.

Now a decade older and a decade wiser, Consider the Wldflwrs has become Nashville’s choice local jeweler. We’ve spent these ten years not just designing and creating elegant modern jewelry, but also forging meaningful relationships with our clients; relationships we hope will last for decades to come.

“When I launched our first jewelry collection, I designed it using small components, tiny treasures, and various parts I had purchased from Home Depot and the Nashville Flea Market. But after I sold it all so quickly and realized the need to make more, I dove into the craft and fell deeply in love with making
jewelry. I fell in love with being able to fix what was broken.”

But Consider the Wldflwrs wasn’t solely focused on fixing broken heirlooms or tightening loose prongs (although the business did eventually get into doing plenty of that type of work, too.) The fixes our team began to enjoy the most leaned more meaningful than material. Instead of fixing physical issues with jewelry, we instead used jewelry as a tool to solve emotional ones.

We found that we loved finding a wedding band to perfectly compliment a newly-engaged bride’s family heirloom engagement ring. That we loved working with clients to create meaningful, custom jewelry that could heal the heart of the wearer and share their story with the world. That we loved helping an
excited boyfriend create the perfect, customized engagement ring for the woman he loved; the woman who would soon be his fiancé. And that still stands today; we love what we do.

Although the obvious perception of jewelry is that it makes the one who wears it appear more beautiful on the outside, in our work over the years, we found that jewelry did more than that. Jewelry serves as an outward expression of one’s internal strength, inherent beauty, and personal story.

As Emily, and the business, and the team continued to grow, Consider the Wldflwrs evolved into more than just a jewelry store. Our clients realized that, in addition to being a place they could buy something pretty, CTWF was a place they could find timeless pieces that could heal the heart and feed the soul.


And has since grown like wildflowers.


“Before my first son was born in 2019, I could easily work 80 hours a week to keep up with the demand,” Emily recalled. “But after he arrived, I had to rely more on my incredible team to keep the business going.”

Although she couldn’t be as active in the business’s day-to-day, the dedicated CTWF team stayed true to the brand’s mission and core values, prioritizing hospitality, trust, decency and creativity. Despite the natural chaos of life, the increasing busyness of the business, and the constant pivoting that running a
small business requires, Consider the Wldflwrs continued delivering timeless modern jewelry that reveals the depth of the heart.

“In March of 2020 right after I’d found out I was pregnant with twins, a tornado ripped through our parking lot, destroyed the community we called home, and rendered our business without power for weeks. Shortly after, the pandemic hit and the world shut down. Then in November of that year, with COVID restrictions still at their peak, I gave birth to twin boys at 37 weeks and spent 9 days with them in the NICU. As I clutched my gold necklace, engraved with my new sons’ names, I prayed for the monitors to continue beeping; for my sons to continue breathing. Today, every time I wear that necklace, I still think of those terrifying moments, and how blessed I am to be well shot of them. My jewelry is a
constant reminder of that longest, shortest time in my life.”

Like a wildflower’s innate ability to reveal its story and beauty to the world, jewelry is like a “bloom” for the person who wears it, uncovering the natural beauty and significant story that both lie within. We feel so honored to have played a role in so many significant moments in our clients’ lives over the last ten years, allowing them to bloom through the simple beauty of jewelry, and look forward to
continue playing that role for years to come — no matter what life inevitably throws our way!


Since 2013, Consider the Wldflwrs has earned the business of clients in all 50 states, sold countless engagement rings, grown our team from a one-woman show to a fully staffed store of jewelers, sales people, and managers, survived a community-ravaging tornado, and persevered through a once-in-a-
lifetime global pandemic. Throughout the years, our team members have gotten engaged and married, bought first homes, born first and fourth children, advanced in their careers, and stayed with CTWF as we’ve gone through 11 different spaces.

It’s been a wild ride, but we couldn’t have made it this far without the support of our clients, the hard work of our team, and that budding idea that has taken off like wildflowers.

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