Building Your Ring Stack Story: How to Style a Signet Ring


At Consider the Wldflwrs, we believe that jewelry can tell your story and we want to inspire you to do just that. Signet rings are a versatile piece with never ending personalization and styling options. They are more than just gold and sparkle-- they commemorate life’s milestones. From every occasion: graduation, marriage, anniversaries, births, a push present, ringing the chemotherapy bell, and any other special day that deserves to be celebrated. We have many styles of signet rings to choose from with various sizes, shapes and stones. Shop our full selection of signet rings. No matter how you wear your signet ring, we want to give you a few gorgeous combinations and styling options to inspire your signet stack. 


Pair it with arched bands - We’re loving the look of our arched bands like our angular Sparrow band, featuring 3 white diamonds, paired with a signet. This beauty is a stunning way to add layers and sparkle to your ring stack in a subtle, yet meaningful way. Here we have paired it with our Spark Namesake for a bold flash of diamonds. 


Pair it with straight bands - Our Marquise Cluster isn’t just a wedding band! It pairs well with our Classic Namesake too. Straight bands add a classic look to your signet stack and can be used to mix metals, add diamonds or additional stones to the look.


Leave it blank - Yes, we’ve talked allll about telling your story but maybe your story is simple beauty. Keep the signet blank and let the flicker of gold or diamonds speak for itself. It can be worn to represent an open-ended journey or to show that you’re still writing your story. 


Engrave something special - Signet rings do not have to be engraved exclusively with a letter or monogram. We love to see these pieces worn with a special mantra, like “strength,” or personalized with a bible verse, date, song lyric, or sweet love note. Use this engraving as a way to honor, tell your story or pay homage to your strength, a loved one, or a child. Here we have our Classic Namesake engraved with the phrase “be still and know.”


Wear it on any finger - Signets can be worn and sized to fit any finger. We especially love wearing signet rings as pinky rings as a way to spread out the gold and sparkle on your hand. We adore the look of the Jumbo Signet on the pinky for a chunky, bold look.


Engrave a graphic - We love the classic look of initials, but we also offer unique Graphic Engraving on our signet rings as well.  Add an image, logo, tiny footprint or fingerprint graphic to personalize your ring. Nothing is more special than a one-of-a-kind, customized gift. Be uniquely you.


Create an heirloom tradition - Our jewelry is made to last more than a lifetime and we love seeing families use our personalized signet rings to start a tradition. Celebrate an 18th birthday, a Bat Mitzvah, adoption, or a special anniversary. Just know that our jewelry is designed to be passed down through generations. Signet rings are sure to be one of those forever pieces. 


How does your signet ring tell your love or self love story? How would you customize or stack your signet ring? We would love to know. Tag us on Instagram or leave us a comment below. We live to tell your story and thank you as always for entrusting us to do so and for reading our inspo and ideas. Happy September friends.