Bridal Party Gifts Ideas: Unique, Personal, and Unforgettable Gifts for Your Wedding Party


Bridal party gifts are special. They should tell the story of love for your nearest and dearest as two families become one. At CTWF, we believe in heirloom-worthy gifts that will last a lifetime and represent the lifelong bond that is being made through marriage. For this post we are giving you all the Steve Martin Father of the Bride feels! 


Gifting something beautiful, personal and special to a new mother-in-law, bridesmaid, grandmother, step-mother, flower girl, hostess, or any other bridal party member is not as hard as you’d think. We know how you can achieve gifts that are beautiful, timeless, and personal. Below is a little list of our favorite gifts for your bridal party:


Rectangle Cherished Necklace - This is THE perfect personalized gift idea for parents and grandparents of the bride or groom. Add a date, meaningful word, bible verse or song lyric to this necklace for an unforgettable keepsake from your big day. This is a bridal gift that will not go unnoticed, unappreciated or forgotten. We also make this beauty in 14k yellow gold, white gold or rose gold and as a bracelet


Diamond Twist Ring - Quality bridesmaids gifts that are meaningful, beautiful, and affordable make for the perfect combination. We’ve got you. The Diamond Twist Ring is dainty and sparkly. For a little edge, this ring is available with either white or black diamond. These make gorgeous pinky rings and add some interest to any ring stack. Imagine the rehearsal dinner when they unbox a diamond...any and all ‘bridezilla’ moments are sure to melt away. ;) 


Seed Studs - These tiny, round and gold studs are perfectly classic. Flower girls, mothers of the bride, bridesmaids - you can’t go wrong with 14k yellow gold, white gold or rose gold studs. They’re perfect for any earstack and are as utilitarian as your favorite white tee. They are sure to be appreciated for years to come. 


Textured Link Bracelet - A textured, 2.9mm cable chain is the perfect addition to your wrist. Add a charm for a personal touch or gift it as a stand-alone stunner. We love this bracelet as a gift because it has a hint of an unexpected and extravagant feel, without crossing the classic line. 


Small Round Heritage - A small round charm is the perfect addition to any chain -- necklace or bracelet!  Engrave their initials or a special message to thank them for all they have done to make your big day a dream. 


Simple Threaders - Unique, wearable, and oh so fine - we adore these earrings as a gift for a bridesmaid or new mother-in-law. They show you care AND that you have fabulous taste! She’ll be complimented in these and will be reminded of you each time she wears them. Not to mention that these simple threaders are so comfortable. 


Diamond Cut Bead Chain - What a gorgeous welcome to the family. A symbol of love and luxe around your neck! This 14k yellow gold chain is available in four lengths and is a blend of classic and unique. She will wear this every day and will remain touched by your incredible gesture.


Thanks so much for reading. We know that wedding planning in 2020 has thrown you some curveballs, but remember that Consider is always a DM, email or phone call away. Tell us in the comments about the special wedding jewelry that was gifted to you or that you gave as a gift, we’d love to hear your ideas and thoughts.