Bracelets, Chains, and Charms!! Consider the Wldflwrs Launches a New Collection

Our newest collection, Cherished and Charmed, is here! Consider Simplicity. Consider Excellence. Consider it Yours. This collection is meant to be just that - your story to tell. Historically, charms have been added to jewelry as a symbol of faith and luck. Throughout time, charms for jewelry have become known for their deeply personal meanings - a token and reminder for the wearer of somewhere they’ve been, a moment in time or a milestone. We designed a line of simple, excellently crafted charms that are customizable. The story attached to your jewelry is an important part of what makes a piece a personal treasure. Consider your story and collect slowly knowing that you are cherished and charmed.


Shop the new Cherished and Charmed collection of bracelets, chains, and charms.